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  1. DW Porygon Event

    Why is no one posting the password for the c-gear? o_O まるとくブック Anyway, I found this thanks to this.
  2. http://www.mediafire.com/file/8gw1u8qf3kpaq9a/bw_narc_en_jp.rar Well, this is the best I can do... if you're familiar with PPTXT and Nitro Explorer (you actually just need Nitro Explorer for this), you should be able to insert these into a Jap ROM. Doesn't matter which version, since both versions have almost the same narc IIRC. I tried c/ping the English ones to the Jap one for 2.narc... there's a reason why it takes a bit of time, cause the narc files for both are quite different, sometimes, some of the files/txt files inside are placed in a different order. Not sure about the Story (which is 3.narc since I just exported the English narc and imported into the Jap narc, giving it both English and Japanese). However, it still has some problems, such as the moves and TM and HM names, movesets and types, Pokemon Center lady and the lady at the left of the 2nd floor. I might post a new one again once I figure out what I did wrong again/where the problem is... Oh, and sorry for bumping the thread or something, cause I thought this idea was interesting, and maybe perhaps by replacing the Jap text with English text, it might speed up my Jap ROM text (but that didn't worked out Maybe my ROM is just too slow). - I fixed up some of the errors I mentioned above. Seems that there's a little bit of difference in the 3.narc when it comes to the order of the Pokemon Center dialogue and the Move family. - I still have one more thing to fix, and that's the Pokemon screen, where you see the buttons to view their status, move them and stuff like that... I need to figure out where in the narc this is... Final EDIT: Well, I fixed that part too now. If there are any more glitches that I missed, just point them out or something. Link is edited with the new narcs. My only problem now is the Pokemon type icons... I think you have to edit something else other thans those narcs... o__o
  3. Just when I finished HG (defeating Red too) using version 4... ah well, this patch is the best... I'm thankful it's even out, and well, since I'm on emulation, I still experience the random crashes... but it's not the translation patch's fault lawlz.