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  1. Simplicity is far from synonymous with easiness. It's what makes the difference between spaghetti code and mythical "good code"
  2. Older != simpler. In this case, knowing Chunsoft, it's probably exactly the same. Oh, I guess I miscommunicated that. I know how to trigger the luminous orb effect (set mapped flag to 1 instead of 2), but I don't know how item usage works, which is a possible alternative to finding the address needed to prevent turning the entire floor into stairs. I found no lead from searching the supposed recruitment chance differences in a RAM Search. It's probably all in the asm, making it significantly more difficult to find. Although thinking about it again does give me an idea. Setting a breakp
  3. Easily. I just chose not to. That would probably be the simpler solution if I knew how to trigger using an item, though. The way my code works is it manually sets every tile's mapped flag. I have no idea how recruitment works in any game.
  4. ::See items on map 2211407E 00000001 ::See enemies on map 2211407D 00000001 I'm a bit too lazy to convert "start every floor with full map" atm. I'm missing an address needed so the entire floor won't turn into stairs. Finding one which fit the purpose took quite a bit of trial and error last time. Same deal with "start every floor on stairs," since it has side effects in boss rooms without another address.
  5. On it (sans recruit code), shouldn't take long.
  6. @evandixon: Does your editor use hex or decimal? Looping at 0x40 would be a lot more interesting than looping at 40 EDIT: Oh right it loops at Sinister Woods, not Northwind Field. So I'm assuming decimal. Going by the loop the location is only stored in 5 bits, but the other 3 bits are clearly used because 224 & 0x1F = 0, which should come out as Sinister Woods, but ends up being Mt. Steel... EDIT EDIT: Whoops, I missed this. Looks like it's stored in a word.
  7. Yeah, that kind of thing happens a lot. PMD1 stores a lot of its system strings in huge clumps, which ends up giving you completely unrelated strings when you poke in a value the game isn't expecting.
  8. I have a list in the form of a lua table. Thunderwave Cave is 1, and it goes up from there. Also, you can probably ignore everything after Purity Forest. local DungeonTable = {[0] = "Tiny Woods", "Thunderwave Cave", "Mt. Steel ", "Sinister Woods ", "Silent Chasm", "Mt. Thunder ", "Mt. Thunder Peak ", "Great Canyon ", "Lapis Cave", "Mt. Blaze ", "Mt. Blaze Peak ", "Frosty Forest ", "Frosty Grotto ", "Mt. Freeze ", "Mt. Freeze Peak ", "Magma Cavern", "Magma Cavern Pit", "Sky Tower ", "Sky Tower Summit ", "Stormy Sea", "Silver Trench", "Meteor Cave", "Mt. Freeze Peak ", "Western Cave", "Boss 3
  9. Don't worry about it, your codes are fine. It would be an accomplishment to alter move data so well that you can't write to RAM anymore
  10. ...Oh. This thread is a lot less clueless than I thought it was going to be. Carry on then :U
  11. My two guesses are you have the New 3DS or your firmware version is above 9.5.0-22
  12. There's an event Gengar? I'm behind the times :U
  13. Gengar doesn't learn Sludge Wave. You probably meant Sludge Bomb, though
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