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  1. The very link you shared explains to you why these three are flagged as illegal: You can not have a Rowlet/Cyndaquil/Oshawott gift with the met date 5/18/2022 or 5/19/2022 if the Language is not Japanese.
  2. PKHeX released: December 18, 2022 Cinderace raid released: December 30, 2022 PKHeX can not read into the future for what is and isn't legal. Use latest development build or wait for the next stable release.
  3. There is nothing to fix, that's the official Level Ball sprite from past games. Ball sprites are all sourced from games prior to SV, and no ball sprites exist for the Hisui Poké Balls in SV. Until official artwork/sprites for all balls exist in a consistent art style, they will remain as is.
  4. The older games are not like the 3DS/Switch era games where all languages are on a single release. You can not magically make your save file Japanese if it's sourced from a non-Japanese cartridge. Buy a Japanese cartridge and play that.
  5. Works fine. Make sure you obtained those Eggs legitimately in-game and never modified them with PKHeX.
  6. Why is this in the Pokémon legality subforum for save file editing? Questions regarding pkNX should go in the ROM editing subforum, or directly on the pkNX thread.
  7. There are 84 total Legendary and Mythical Pokémon available in SWSH, and a total of 664 unique species of Pokémon available, which is ~12.65% of the total available Pokémon. You're bound to find a decent amount of them. Setting `EventsChance` and `LegendsChance` to 0 already "normalizes" the rate, as you said. This is not an issue and is working as intended.
  8. Your PK6 is 0xE8 in length, which is not a valid size for a PK6. Should be 0x104. Not sure how you ended up with a bad filesize, but PKHeX not importing it is the program working as intended. Attached is a modified PK6 padded with zeroes to allow you to load it into a Gen6 save. 093 - Ghost - C9D675128EB2.pk6
  9. Incorrect. PKHeX does not show you the Pokémon that you can receive from the Day Care when an Egg is able to be received, just your 2 deposited Pokémon. That misc slot is for a Pokémon that is currently on a stroll in the Pokéwalker. Relevant lines in source code.
  10. Sheen never increases when feeding Pokéblocks in ORAS, so if a PKM has ever visited ORAS, all of its contest stats can increase while Sheen remains 0.
  11. Update your game to the latest patch. Ramanas Park is not accessible on 1.0.0. If you're playing on emulator and are unable to patch your game on your console + purchased copy of the game, no assistance will be provided.
  12. PKHeX release: March 18, 2022 Member Card release: April 1, 2022
  13. I did tests regarding Wisps a few months ago, just never cared enough to share in more detail. Relevant vanish flags for Wisps: Toggling those flags will toggle the visibility of each Wisp in the overworld, but that doesn't actually have any effect on what can be reported to Vessa. KWispsFoundArea0* all take values ranging from 0-20 (7 for Area00 -- Jubilife Village), while KWispsFoundTotal is how many you've found across all of Hisui, and KWispsReported is how many Wisps have been reported to Vessa (both range from 0-107). A cheat to make it to the end of the Spiritomb request would be: • Set the first 107 vanish flags (MKRG_ID_001, MKRG_ID_002, ... ... MKRG_ID_107) to Bool2 (true) • Set KWispsFoundArea00 to 7 • Set KWispsFoundArea01-05 to 20 • Set KWispsFoundTotal to 107 Talking to Vessa in-game would then allow you to advance the request to its final section, where you can find the 108th Wisp in the Crimson Mirelands to encounter Spiritomb and finish the request.
  14. Look harder, such a feature exists in the block data editor.
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