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  1. Interesting question. If this is like previous pokemon games, there should be a value stored somewhere. Gen III stores a seed for feebas and the mirage island, but works in a different way. Gen IV stored the generated random seed in the save for swarms. Gen V stores the data for swarms as is (from 0 to 20 I think it was). It never bothered me till now because you can just connect to internet, "pass" some people and get different mirage island (I don't remember if there is a limit or you can get all of them in a single day). If I remember correctly, if you don't save your game after connecting to internet, you can soft reset and try again until the island you want appears (so maybe there was a limit afterall). Maybe it is stored in the pss passerby data, a quick test could be getting two different passerby data from the same day, then putting it in another save and see if the mirage islands change. A couple ways to try to find at least the players value (pss independent) come to mind: 0.- Given we have a save that was last saved more than 24 hours ago: - Backup the save (this is save0) - Start the game. Save. Backup (this is save1). Check what mirage island is in the game. - restore save0. - Start the game. Save. Backup (this is save 2). Check that the mirage island generated is different from that in save1. Then we can compare save1 and save2. The quickest way would be to inject a block that has differences from one save into the other, and see if that changes the mirage island. After locating the block, it would be a matter of trial and error (unless there's some really suspicious value) until we can pinpoint mirage island value in the save. I would gladly research this, but I don't really have the spare time right now, I've procrastinated real life enough with other research I've been doing lately.
  2. If you got the patched version from were I think you got it, the post clearly states that they changed the title id to that of japanesse green, which is only in the japanesse e-shop (I don't know why they decided to occupy that slot, probably in hopes of pokebank recognizing the game). No, that's not how it works. They're incompatible because jap games don't handle the data in the same way as the international versions. What could theoretically work is a jap<->international conversion (and trade) trough homebrew. PHBankGB aims to do that eventually, but the lack of information about the japanesse savegame structure isn't helping the developer.
  3. Some files: - HA Regi Trio (ESP).bin --> Same as Xside's, but without the 15 pokémiles. Maybe you'd prefer this one for the event compilation file. - JohtoStarters (ESP).bin --> Only difference with other languages is the pokémon bank string language when receiving the gift. - ORAS Glalie (ESP)(M).bin --> Extra notes below About Glalie/Steelix: I first assumed the glalie from the demo was always the same, but I've compared my file with the one contributed in this thread and I've noticed that there are many differences derived from the pokemon being randomly generated in the demo. For what I've seen, each generated glalie/steelix will differ in: - TID/SID (even though OT name will be Orlando each demo savegame generates a TID and SID) - Nickname (if modified) - Origin language (thus my uploaded glalie file is spanish, the one previously here is english). - Nature - Gender - Ability - IVs - PID - (encryption constant) I wonder if anyone would be interested in a modified glalie/steelix bin file that would randomly generate those values when received. The only fixed values would be TID/SID and nickname, the other values generated by the demo could be generated when receiving from pokemon link. It's not like the demo can't be accessed by everybody though, they could just download, play it and get their unique glalie. ps: I've also updated my dump/injection tool to include all the files.
  4. I've seen that patch, and it is not a Japanesse green patched to be in english, it is an english Blue patched to ressemble japanesse green. Actually, I haven't tested, but it's not the pokemon by itself what are incompatible (probably name would be junk, but the rest would be fine), but rather how the games are programmed. One major problem is that nickname/name and OT name in jap is 5+1 characters, while international is 10+1, and this is not stored in the pkm file (in the game, probably save editors add this data to the pkm file). This changes totally how the pokemon is handled.
  5. I was looking at the missing WC list and realized I have this diancie: Year 2014: November 2014 Diancie Diancie 3 Set Ivs (Nov) 0525 11064 Serial Code SPA Obviously I don't have photo proof because I didn't take any at the time, but if you really need proof, I can provide some trough pm (the only thing I can provide as proof contains personal information).
  6. @Alejandrojohanson Keep in mind that japanesse and international versions are incompatible, the most similar to a trade would be to generate the japanese event pokemon in a USA/EUR game, given we obtain the DVs and original moves for the event pokemon. Having a Blue game will not help in completing gen 1 pokedex in the eur games, but go ahead for a japanesse pokedex. Since gen 1/2 don't have any location settings, the way to obtain Jynx, Farfetch'd, and Mr. Mime in gen 1 is to breed them in gen 2, then transfer back to gen 1. They will be the same as if generated in the wild by the game. Well, as I said there was 1000 surfing pikachu distributed by nintendo power in US. Also, In my search about this topic, it seems that gen 1 mew normally had the same DV spread (10/1/12/5), changing in OT name (last letter depending on distribution machine/region of distribution) and ID number sequentially generated for each mew. But I've also reached a post from the Spanish mew distribution that took place in the year 2000. There I saw images of that mew, which was supposedly distributed there. Being sure about this is impossible, but since the photos show a mew at level 100 and was supposedly trained to level 100, if we assume it was fully effort experience trained, we get that this was the distributed mew: Experience: 135 (lvl 5) OT: D-J ID: 60130 DV: (2 hp)/6 atk/4 def/3 speed/8 special Ataques: Pound (PP 35) Also, in this search I've been provided with the data from a FRANCO celebi distributed in Madrid (October 6 to 7, 2001 according to bulbapedia) thanks to Dr. Matt. -OT: FRANCO -ID: 02233 -Genes: 2D8A (Atk 02 - Def 13 - Speed 8 - Special 10) note: the gene calculation has been done manually, but the owner asures me that the celebi is at level 100 and has maxed experience. According to bulbapedia attacks were: - Slot 1: Leech Seed - Slot 2: Confusion - Slot 3: Heal Bell - Slot 4: Recover The owner has means to preserve the data (via pokemon stadium 2 and one of those devices that allowed to backup gb saves, but can't connect to computer). Still, given the structure of gen 1 pokemon, this data is enough to recreate those two pokemon. Edit: Dr. Matt has posted his celebi certificate in a post bellow
  7. I didn't see a thread for this event, so I created one as I have some concerns. The only information I've found is from here: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Japanese_event_Pok%C3%A9mon_distributions_in_Generation_I#Game_Freak_Mew Also, we can see the following information here: http://www.pokemon.co.jp/ex/VCAMAP/2ds/ There is shown original trainer, ID number and stats (I guess at 0 EV). So my main concern is: is someone from this forums going to get one of these mews and upload the savefile just after receiving it? It would be great to have a gen 1 japanesse mew conserved. Ideally, having more than one of those distributed mews to see if all have the same IV values and ID would also be really helpful. Something that I've noticed in the pictures are the stat values, which don't correspond to what I've found was the most common IV for all US distributed mew (10/1/12/5). Calculating the DVs gives a possible range from 10-15 for all stats (some combinations not possible due to HP DV calculation), from the looks of it, maybe it has perfect DVs (all 15). Distribution will start this saturday, I'd really like to see one of these mews, even though we can't transfer them to USA/EUR games.
  8. Besides the debate of the mews being 420 or more than 420, since Pokécheck is still under mantainenance, is there a way we could get a save with those 420 mews? Alternatively, the two saves Deoxyz has would work. I don't think there's any gen 3 pkm of those mews around, and a save of the distribution cart would be interesting to have. ps: as an alternative to a single save for all distributions or a save for each distribution, nintendo could have made a finite number of saves with different mews, then randomly distributed the carts.
  9. I might have explained myself wrong. My whole point was about the fact that getting a legit wvent surfing pikachu will probably never happen (batteries will run out and there was only 1000 distributions, chances are very low). I was offering information about how to get a legit gen 1 surfing pikachu (not from event, but legit as well) and stating the fact that it was easier to just hack the move into an existing pikachu than getting that pikachu to learn the move via pokemon stadium, since the final outcome will be the same. ps: I'm pretty well aware about vc save modification
  10. There's doesn't seem to be any intention to distribute a surfing pikachu, given they patch yellow rom so you can play the minigame without a surfing pikachu. If you really want a legit gen 1 surfing pikachu, you can still get one trough emulation by playing pokemon stadium and linking your rby savegame, but all it does allow a pikachu you used to learn surf, so it would be quicker to just edit the save to teach it surf. There was a nintendo power surfing pikachu distributed, and seems it was the only one outside japan (except for the pokemon stadium feature). I guess those events are forever lost, or will be when batteries dry out.
  11. Sorry, correct name is phbankgb:https://gbatemp.net/threads/wip-phbankgb-pokémon-homebrew-bank-gb-r-b-y.418440/
  12. Just found this thread branching from InsaneNutter's one. And it is great that now we have an official event mew and event celebi. Something I've noticed in the PCNY celebis is that IVs seem to be random for each mew. I wonder if all Celebi distribution were like that too, or if they were like Mew distributions, which seem to have had a fixed IV set to (5 hp)/10 atk/1 def/12 speed/5 special. Looking at all the shiny distributed pokemon in your save, I've realized that the ATK IV is semi-random (I've seen 2, 3, 14 and 15 as possible attack IVs). Given that information, recreating the possible shiny pokemon distributed at PCNY is possible, since we have all the needed information: IVs, attacks and level. I think it is safe to assume that the distribution machines worked in the same way for all shiny distributions, since we know it did for at least 4 of those. For the egg distribution, it doesn't really matter since the information at bulbapedia is enough to recreate the eggs. Now, I've seen that there was a mew distribution at PCNY. If those distributions machines worked the same as for celebi, giving random IVs, we could generate those mews, but unfortunately bulbapedia event page list it as "non-shiny mew", which makes me think it had pre-set IVs. It would be really interesting to get one of those mews and be able to see if it has the 5/10/1/12/5 IV spread. Also, related to mew, I've found a report of the spanish mew distribution for Gen 1 (there was only one) were it is said that the OT name was "D-J" and it actually listed the ID, but if we would assueme that in gen 1 and gen 2 mew was always distributed with the 5/10/1/12/5 IV spread, then the stats wouldn't match, since the provided stats for the mew had impossible values for speed and special for those IV. There's always the possibility of that spanish mew being randomly generated, or some other sort of distribution, but I guess we'll never know. But I bet the mew to be distributed to 3ds re-releases will have the 5/10/1/12/5 IV spread. We'll see. EDIT: Here's the data for a FRANCO celebi distributed in spain (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_European_language_event_Pok%C3%A9mon_distributions_in_Generation_II#Celebi_Tour_Celebi) thanks to Dr. Matt -OT: FRANCO -ID: 02233 -DVs: 0x2D8A ( [HP 4] - Attack 02 - Defense 13 - Speed 8 - Special 10) DVs have been calculated by the owner, given he has the celebi at level 100 and he claims it is fully EV trained. The stats for this level 100 fully EV trained celebi are these: HP 381 At 272 Df 294 Sp At 288 Sp Df 288 Spd 284 According to bulbapedia it was distributed at level 5, carried no item and had the following moveset: - Leech Seed - Confusion - Heal Bell - Recover The owner has no means to backup his save file to a computer (but has that device that allows to backup GB saves, but no connection to any other hardware). Nevertheless, this data is enough to recreate the original celebi distributed there and should be 1:1 with one obtained from a save backup. It's not the best way, but it's what we have. EDIT 2: I've attached a pikasav compatible file of the celebi I described above (generated with pikasav with the data specified above, at level 5). It is a BOX file, import it into a box slot (importing to party won't work). EDIT 3: Removed the pikasav file since you can now download a real dump here:
  13. This is awesome, thank you very much. I've been looking for a mew like this for some time. The fact that it is still at level 5 is amazing. The most interesting would be to compare this mew with another one from the same distribution, in order to check the IVs. I bet, since IDNo was random back in those days, that every single mew was randomly generated, then distributed, but would still be interesting. Also, I find it curious that OT was either YOSHIRA or YOSHIRB. Maybe it was to enhance the range of possible mews, since "only" 65535 IDs were possible, having two OT names duplicates the possible mew range... I wonder what the new gen 1 distribution in japan will be like regarding IVs and OT. ps: is there any other legit gen 1 mew contributed somewhere? I really think we should have a recopilatory thread for these mews since they are the most important (and almost the only) gen 1 event distribution. EDIT: interesting, this is the same mew contributed here 2 years ago: http://krikzz.com/forum/index.php?topic=1690.msg16886#msg16886 Are you kmksoulja?
  14. Oh, then it's really easy, pkhex can get any pokemon/event to gen VI via drag and drop. Conversions should (emphasis on this should) be the same as the traditional (and exhausting) route. The only difficulty might come from gathering all events without missing any, but with a checklist problem solved.
  15. So, use jksavemanager. Also, you might be interested in ghbank.
  16. It is actually better to use a wc6, since that is the wc as stored in the savegame, while a wcfull6 would have to have some data modified when injecting to save (gender for example) so it becomes a legal card in the save.
  17. This is probably not the best place to say it, but even though we might have missed a lot of wcfull6 (wcf6? fwc6?) the data "lost" doesn't seem like something we can't recreate for most wondercards. Still missing that supposed checksum. It migjt be not the best for preservation purposes, but would work for custom distribution since the wc6 stored in game would end up the same (previous edit of the gender byte for random gender pokemon)
  18. That is ambitious. I went trough the same process a couple years ago, but i'm happy with full dexes for the gen, but all english and jap event pokemon? That's a lot. My personal advise: go one game at a time, one gen at a time. For now you should skip gen 2 since you can't get them legitimately on gen 7 (yet, just wait a year...). Follow a chronollogical order, i.e: play pokemon r&s, get everything that can be got in game, then check all events released for those games. Once you have all, switch to emeral/fr&lg/colosseum/xd and repeat. Then go to gen IV and so on. Gen 3 will be the hardest for events, but there's taka's tools for jap in game events. In your list you might be missing my pokemon ranch for gen4 and battle revolution pokemon. Also, special pokemon from pokemon ranger games. Seems like a lot, but go step by step and you'll eventually get it. Btw, gen 5 is a mess just to have a complete gen 5 pokedex.
  19. Without custom firmware you can't. NinjHax 2.7 will probably offer support for 9.6+ encryption, so if you can't access custom firmware, wait for ninjhax 2.7.
  20. This is interesting. We should try those seeds in the debug rom and see if the game actually allows those tiles to be feebas tiles. From the post at smogon, it would seem the only tiles the game prevents from having feebas are tiles 1, 2 and 3.
  21. I've modified the source so it will now ask to set Mirage Island Seed so it matches the first pokemon in the party, if you select yes a new save with the new seed is created. Sorry, no linux binary.
  22. Tile map (Thanks to BlackShark): Tile 440 fishing spot (FeebasSpotValue's default): The package includes both images. extra note: tile 447 is actually tile 0, but since the game recognizes it as 447, the program does the same. This causes the lua script found here (https://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?16681-Gen-3-Lua-Scripts&p=189762&viewfull=1#post189762) to not correctly work (some seeds output a false tile), here's an updated version (note: tile 447 will appear as tile 0): -- Gen3 Hoenn Feebas Seed/Tile Finder -- 0 - Pokemon Emerald (U) -- 1 - Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire (U) -- Change this depending on your game local game = 0 local pointer local addend if game == 0 then pointer = 0x3005D8C addend = 0x2E6A elseif game == 1 then pointer = 0x02025734 addend = 0x2DD6 end -- Adapted from Kaphotics' RNG for LUA function rng(seed) return (0x4E6D * (seed % 65536) +((0x41C6 * (seed % 65536 )+ 0x4E6D * math.floor(seed / 65536)) % 65536) * 65536 +0x3039) % (4294967296) end -- Tux - https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/past-gen-rng-research.61090/page-34#post-3986326 function is_feebas_tile(feebas_seed, current_tile) rng_seed = feebas_seed i = 0 tile = 0 while i <= 5 do rng_seed = rng(rng_seed) tile = (bit.rshift(rng_seed, 16)) % 0x1BF if tile >= 4 then i = i + 1 end if tile == 0 then i = i + 1 end if tile == current_tile then return true end end return false end function print_feebas_info() local feebas_pointer_address local feebas_seed if game == 0 then feebas_pointer_address = memory.readdwordunsigned(pointer) + addend elseif game == 1 then feebas_pointer_address = pointer + addend end feebas_seed = memory.readwordunsigned(feebas_pointer_address) x = 4 y = 3 gui.box(2, 2, 76, 32, "white") gui.text(x, y , "Feebas Seed: "..feebas_seed, "green") current_tile = 0 ctr = 0 y = y + 10 while current_tile <= 600 do if is_feebas_tile(feebas_seed, current_tile)then if ctr == 3 then ctr = 0 y = y + 10 x = 4 end x = x + 15 ctr = ctr + 1 gui.text(x, y, current_tile, "yellow") end current_tile = current_tile + 1 end end gui.register(print_feebas_info) DOWNLOAD:
  23. Thanks, I'll try looking into it. Since it was easy, I've coded the key system editor, it is already on github. Should I make a thread? Some of the editors aren't still fully functional, but the block dumper/injector, checksum verify/update and key system editor are complete (unless I add more things). Btw it now accepts sav/dsv files, but only outputs as raw sav.
  24. I wasn't planning to add items, but give how easy the structure is, I might as well add it even though pokéstock also has them. Are those offsets for BW1 or BW2? ps: I've re-discovered (or so I've been told) how the keys in the key system are stored in the savegame. EDIT: Key system structure (block 69) The first 0x27 bytes hold data regarding black tower and treehollow unlocked areas. Still need to be mapped. 0x00-0x07 - Unknown 0x08-0x17 - Seems always 0x00 0x18-0x27 - Unknown 0x28 - Easy key (W) - 0x00035691 0x2C - Challenge key (B) - 0x00018256 0x30 - Tower Key (B)/ Treehollow key (W) - 0x00059389 0x34 - Iron Key (B) - 0x00048292 0x38 - Iceberg Key (W) - 0x00009892 0x3C - Easy mode unlocked - 0x00093389 0x40 - Challenge mode unlocked - 0x00022843 0x44 - Black City / White forest unlocked - 0x00034771 0x48 - Iron chamber unlocked - 0x000AB031 0x4C - Iceberg chamber unlocked - 0x000B3818 0x50 - Difficulty config (easy 0x00031239 | normal 0x00015657 | challenge 0x00049589) 0x54 - Black city/White city config (black city 0x00034525| white city 0x00011963) 0x58 - Chamber config (rock 0x00094525 | iron 0x00081963 | iceberg 0x00038569) 0x5C - Unique ID used to xor the keys (also present in memory link block) 0x60 - Counter 0x62 - ccrit checksum To store a key/unlock in savegame, the u32 value needed is Unique ID xored with the key seed. For some reason they used the same slot for the Tower/Treehollow key, but the chamber key and difficulty key each have their own slots, allowing a single save to hold 5 keys, and probably that allows impossible transfers, like a black 2 game transfering the easy key or the iceberg key. As I only have 1 cartridge and this uses the IR feature, I can't test (but there's really no need).
  25. I didn't want to, but seems the easier way is the same pockestock uses: http://puu.sh/nyfUs/94bcabeafd.png For now the entralink editor is basically a clone of pockestock's (but can edit all areas ) Pockestock has some fancy legality features, like not allowing some genders for some species (i.e tyrogue)
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