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Gen7 clothing customization in PkHeX...

Apache Thunder

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I've noticed that there still isn't any ability to modify clothing items like you can with the 6th gen games. Any perticular reason for that? I noticed US/UM doesn't let me use hats with certain hair styles and would have liked to also try and unequipe the bag item. (the only remaining item you can't unequip now since they now let you remove the hat officially).


Also what about customizing the player avater people see in Festival Plaza/battle menus? That looks to be dynamically generated so probably not stored as an image. But I wonder if one could modify it to use some camera angles/positions not normally allowed. The photo club feature stores the photo as both a JPG and metadata that dynamically updates what you see on topscreen. (found this out by replacing pokemon models in the game files. They impacted what the photo looked like on topscreen). The JPG is only ever used for the thumbnail icons on the bottom screen.


Could be interesting what you can do here if you could modify some values like trainer position. Found it annoying that I can't adjust that. Wonder if you could modify trainer position in a photo...


Also one thing you can definitely add to PkHeX is this event constant I found. Constant 84 is definitely the constant US/UM uses to store how many Pikachu's you've made come out of the Pikachu trailer. The guy tells you how many you triggered thus far and this constant stores that. At some point he stops counting and tells you that there seems to be inifinite pikachu's and wonders if there's a ultra wormhole. (doesn't seem to trigger anything though. Set it to max value which made him stop reporting the value and have alternate dialog, but no additional storyline element is triggered or no item obtained. :( )


EDIT: The guy stops tracking the Pikachu's at 1000 and gives you the alternate dialog. Nothing happens after that though beyond just more Pikachu's coming out. At around 20th trigger, 3 Pikachu's come out at once. Though I've only seen that happen once. Maybe that's just a random trigger where 3 come out instead of 1, but they appear to be infinite. So you never can enter that trailer. :(


Feel sorry for any poor sap who tries to trigger more then 999 Pikachu's ingame..That sounds like a big time sink. Well...I'll save you the trouble and tell you that nothing happens. :P

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