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  1. This probably has nothing to do with what you are talking about but I will say this anyways because yolo, but if you want to test some more with anything else, I made a MIDI and soundfont export and put it on reddit not too long ago... yet again, probably has nothing to do with what you mean. In fact, I really don't know what you mean. It kinda' just sounds like you are being a bit picky with your export...but correct me if I am wrong hehe. This was a rip as in I directly exported it with the most basic commands. I haven't done music stuff in a long time so I don't remember if I did GS or GM or whatnot, so it probably won't help. Just putting this out because I saw midi and soundfont in your post and maybe I could help with something heheh. Also I use FL Studio 11, what version are you using? (it will help with me navigating and other stuff)
  2. Hey! I just found out what was wrong, I wasn't typing the full directory, thats why it didn't load right. Thanks for your help evandixon!
  3. OK, so, I know I'm doing something wrong and I know where it is, but can't find out WHAT it is. The first pic has the command, michael being the name of my PC (not my name) and 123POKEMONROMHACK is the hacking folder (123 at the beginning so it appears first on my list) Second Picture is the folder structure, just for help. For reference, I'm not pointing to the extra, I'm pointing to the audioutil. I hope this can work out... Inside has the audioutil and The "rom" folder has a folder called "data" and that has a folder called "SOUND" that has a folder called "BGM", maybe you can help me get the directory right with that info.
  4. I'm using command prompt as the command line. So all I need to do is type is ppmd_audioutil.exe -pmd2 "(nameofextractedfolder)/data" "out_bgm" ? sorry if im being extraordinarily stupid, i've never used command prompt to run something like this before...
  5. When I run the audioutil, It flashes this for 1 second and then closes right after, I can't run anything with it. I tried replicating this in another command line (I thought if it wasn't this command line then I could do another clean one) but the nothing really works out. I extracted the games contents with a PMD2 pack psy_commando made, and got everything, even though that wasn't GUI it didn't do this. I'm really a noob when it comes to anything with pure command lines that is not drag and drop... i have to learn quite a bit...
  6. Hi, I'm ToneyIndiana93 I recently got back into rom hacking after quite a bit, and decided to start with something I never really done before, so I came to Mystery Dungeon for it (it's one of my favorite games ever). I finally got some things working, but I wanted to make a MIDI rip of the soundtrack, I got your tool for it, and I don't understand how to use it. If you could help me, it would be appreciated. I think i'm pretty stupid for not knowing how to use it, but I never used something that used that same interface before. I have all the .smd and .swd and all the data ripped and extracted but I really wanted to somehow just get MIDI's of the format. Thanks, any help is appreciated.
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