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  1. I compared Red Rescue Team to Blue Rescue Team to get a little more insight on the structure of the ROM. I was able to update the map a little. Also, for some unknown reason, sample.sbin is mostly some weird penguin that gives no results in a reverse image search. It's likely an easter egg of sorts snuck in by one of the devs. rom map.yml
  2. Sure. I didn't know if it would be okay to just upload a ton of notes (trust me I have a lot). Here's the parts I think you might find of interest. Documentation.txt is the important part. Part of the rom map and many of the script commands came from the Data Crystal wiki, but everything else is my own research. notes.zip
  3. I've been independently researching Red Rescue team for the past several months, and I've discovered some things that should help further research. First and most importantly, cutscenes are multithreaded. Each character (plus the camera) gets their own thread, and they signal each other using flags- E4 to set a flag and E3 to wait for a flag. Also, I have fully worked out how the overworld backgrounds are loaded. I've made a program that makes it much easier to view the cutscenes' scripts. You can see its source code here. If you have any questions I'd be happy to answer them. pmdset.zip