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  1. Two questions: 1) is there any way to find all non-shiny Pokemon and edit their SID/TID but leave all the shiny ones alone? 2) How do I delete the "Latest Handler" via the batch editor? Is that doable?
  2. Did you ever do this, Mishimeow? I want to do something similar but I'm a little worried about getting either the profile or the console banned simply by moving it to another profile.
  3. I figured out the Zekrom/Darkrai issue, as I had chosen the wrong game where they came from, but Mew and a Gyrados are still having problems for me. I'll upload them later today when I get a chance and post back.
  4. I'm having an issue with a couple of event Pokemon, which I don't understand. My Mew from the Fall 2010 event, Darkrai from Winter 2011 event, Darkrai from May 2012 event, and Zekrom from Spring 2012. Anyone else having issues with these?
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