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  1. I was having issues checkpoint not saving all my changes, but after using EdiZon everything was fixed. Could be Checkpoint isn't fully compatible?
  2. Here are some ultra shiny Dreepy's. Each one has a different ability. 885 ★ - Dreepy - A689B0005948.pk8 885 ★ - Dreepy - A704B0005948.pk8 885 ★ - Egg - CFBE6FA4AEFA.pk8
  3. Hmm, after trying it with EdiZon my problem was gone? Could be that Checkpoint is not fully compatible with my system? I'm running latest switch firmware, and latest custom firmware.
  4. Pokemon that I edit that I legit hatched myself (evee) does appear to change into the game file? Im using latest version of checkpoint. The pokemon stay the same with no changes made? I edit there natures, and IVS only...
  5. Could giving the save file to another unbanned user work? The unbanned user connects and updates online, and then saves, backs up, and send back the save file.
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