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  1. If they edited it Ive never seen any difference in gameplay with it. Also I don't know where it was bought. I got it for my birthday. If I had bought it at say GameStop, is there still a chance it's fake because I didnt think they allowed fake games
  2. Oh ok. I'm just gonna stay on the safe side and not get beat my ma (kidding dont call the police lol) but yeah seriously I'm gonna try to find some other way I guess. Thanks though
  3. I chose squirtle. I have no clue why but first time I got it, it was the one I chose. It was my first Pokemon and always has had a special spot. What's all this bout the legendary dogs though
  4. Evan, bro that makes no sense to me, and imma pretty tech savvy guy. What I mainly got is its possible but not recommended as it is shown to cause problems
  5. Ground Swampert This was my strongest Pokemon ever in any of my games that I personally trained (lvl 78) I've always had a close attachment to Mudkip Water Blastoise Squirtle was my first Pokemon ever (fire red bruh) and honestly it's design is sick! Fire Arcanine I always thought arcanine was the best Pokemon. I have never had one until recently and it's just the best in my eyes. Flying Aerodactyl I love dinosaurs and it's one of the coolest m************ around. Not to mention it's cry that annoyed my parents with for hours Steel Skarmory I mean seriously this Pokemon is the epitome of great design and good colors nuff said Grass Breloom I honestly have no clue as to why I like breloom Rock Rampardos Once again another dinosaur on the list it's based on one of my favorite dinosaurs (pachesepholosaurus (i know that's not how it's spelled)) Bug Dustox I've tried to get this Pokemon repeatedly and I got beautifly. Ughh anyway for it's annoyance it's my favorite Dark Absol Hands down one of the best Pokemon designs ever. Even better is its mega evolution look. Ghost Gengar As some may know I'm really into Pokemon myths and gengar is included in one (gengar=clefairy shadow) Psychic Gardevoir This isn't really my favorite but my crush thought it had a pretty design. That my friends is how you get a new favorite Pokemon. Normal Meowth The one character in the anime that has stayed likable throughout the series. Props to you voice actor Poison Arbok I never realized how useful this Pokemon was till recently in my heart gold game I've been using and I realized it has alot of good options in its movepool. Fighting Hariyama With its way oversized hands and "man skirt" hariyama makes the cut because if it wasn't so scary it'd b a really funny Pokemon Fairy doesn't apply because I didnt care to see what kind of Pokemon are there Electric Raichu The reason I chose raichu is because...I hate the hype over pikachu and seeing someone with the brains to evolve it is an awesome trainer Ice Lapras It's intelligent, well designed, and hard to get in some games (and easy in others). What's not to like Dragon Salamance Honestly I'm not a big dragon person but I think Salamance is cool in the fact that bagon is so undeveloped you can't help but be happy when he grows into this beast Honorable mentions: Nidoking, Ampharos, electabuzz, joeys rattata (creepypasta), dusknoir, gyrados, kabutops, and feraligatr
  6. It could've been many things. My parents saying I'm to old Unova (nuff said) Getting rid of Brock Uberchu Brock was my favorite character. Especially when he had his croagunk and they just got rid of him
  7. I do dislike pikachu for anime reasons. I also detest some gen 5 Pokemon for lack of design (trubbish, vanillite lines and the like). However, my least favorites are Kyurem Why? It's too much design work and the thought unova is NYC and this Pokemon stands 9'11" is just not right. Any version exclusive. Why? Because they prevent you from completing your pokedex if you have no one to trade with (speaking from experience here) Rattata Why? It is the most disliked rat in any game. Zigzagoon becomes cool when it evolves, bidoof is the best hm slave and patrat...well I'm kinda stumped on that The other fossil that "magically" sinks into the sand This one is self evident Miltank Why? Whitney
  8. I'm having trouble with mine too. It says that my wifi doesn't support my ds. Does this mean I have to get a new ds. Because I really don't wanna do that or get a new wifi router thing
  9. No I'm positive it's not a knock off. I got it for my birthday in its package
  10. Shiny carvanha. I was going nuts because I had just been fishing in the great marsh and boom. I didnt know what it was really (I initially thought it was a hack or something even though I had all real games) so I captured it. I have never met a shiny Pokemon since then but I've been hunting a shiny shinx for a while but it's just not working. Oh well
  11. I used it to catch my mewtwo in cerulean cave.
  12. I currently HAVE NOT beaten red and attempted facing him and was terribly out classed this is the team Im currently working on. Let me know what you think (suggestions are welcomed) and post your teams here. I am not posting my teams levels as i am still leveling them up. So, I have: Ampharos @ magnet Power gem Fire punch Focus blast Charge beam Arbok @ black sludge Mud bomb Ice fang Gunk shot Crunch Houndoom @ blackglasses Flamethrower Dark pulse Sunny day Solar beam Gyrados (I forgot the held item) Waterfall Ice fang Hyper beam Hydro pump Snorlax @ leftovers Crunch Ice beam Earthquake Surf Graveler (will evolve him soon) @ rock inscence Stealth rock stone edge Earthquake Rock climb
  13. Ok. I have legit copies of heart gold and ruby. I've migrated on my heart gold from my fire red but when I try to migrate ruby to hg, my ruby game deletes itself. I lost my strongest team that i trained by myself ever and countless other games. Can someone help me figure this out. I don't really want to try anything in fear that id have to start over again
  14. So there I was looking at the new Pokemon to be introduced in x and y and then I see there is thing up at the top that let's you toggle between "new Pokemon" and "mega evolutions." So I switch to mega evolutions to see what it's about. Automatically I see mega charizard, blastoise and venosaur. I immediately turned off my phone because I believed they were to be 4th line evolutions. And me playing since fire red pretty much know that 4th line evolutions are well. Not established let's say. I learned later they only last for a certain period of time and stuff but I still don't trust them. So what are you're thoughts on the ideas and what they look like (I personally like mega absol, but that's just me).
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