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  1. Hit. I was a foetus once. Next person has a favourite childhood cartoon.
  2. Miss. Next person is splurging on the Autumn Steam Sale.
  3. Miss. Next person has watched and enjoyed an Anime that isn't Pokémon.
  4. miss next person plays at least one FPS
  5. Think about it, though: If Blissey didn't exist, how many physical moves would you even use? From a "WE NEED TO FIX COMPETITIVE" standpoint, it makes sense to make special attacking moves weaker. Of course, this means Blissey will probably be debuffed a bit to give her a bit less special defence. Maybe. I really have no clue at this point - Gamefreak is insane. Oh, and if Pikachu is getting a buff, I REALLY hope Raichu does too. I don't want Raichu to become the worse evolution... Shuckle needs some more HP, too. Right now he has less than a Sunkern.
  6. Well. X and Y are out now, and there's some pretty interesting stuff. First off, some of the older Pokémon are being retconned - not removed, just modified. Garchomp's shiny is now a fabulous pink colour, instead of the boring virtually-the-same-colour shiny it was before. More importantly though... older Pokémon are having their base stats revamped. Here's a list: Confirmed Alakazam(more SpD) Pikachu (Def/SpD) Butterfree(SpA) Reported Wigglytuff (SpA) Clefable(?)
  7. Hey! I'm still waiting for my Y copy.
  8. I wouldn't really say I enjoy artists or genres so much as I do specific songs... That said, I'm a fan of quite a lot of Power Metal (primarily Symphonic) So that'd be Nightwish, Sonata Arctica, Alestorm, Gloryhammer, and a few others. I also enjoy trailer music (the kinds of songs you hear in movies) e.g Two Steps From Hell, Audiomachine, Brunuhville A few electronic things, such as Aviators, Machinimasound, Atpunk And finally some 'classics' that've sprouted up over the years - most of which are in the 90's, but a few 80's and 2000's as well. I'll listen to pretty much anything, even rap if it's done well (although it's usually only "done well" if it's part of a mashup, hehe).
  9. Sorry about that Wraith. I didn't get an answer before so I just decided to roll with it. Edited and spoilered. Will try and keep that in mind in the future. Anyways, there's been a
  10. Welp, after seeing the starters final evo's I have to say that all of them are REALLY ugly except Froakie. Going with Froakie now. At least water/dark is a cool type, I suppose.
  11. Hit. The next person prefers ninjas to pirates.
  12. I'm just going to ask... There's been a lot of information leaked, but none of it is "official". They're all pretty much true, though. Final Evo of the starters, some new Pokémon (including that one luchador bird that was confirmed) and some other stuff. Are we going to talk about them or are we going to only talk about the "official" stuff (to avoid spoilers and other similar things?) I mean, I'm not sure if everyone here would be okay with the starter's final evos being ruined for them, although I'm personally okay with it. EDIT: Waiiiiit. So apparently this leaked information is from Canada, where it's supposedly already been released? Yeah, this stuff is official then. Will PO or Showdown or whatever comes next be soon, then? I'd be interested in seeing the meta.
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