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  1. Thank you so much ^^ Ps: Maybe I'll abuse but I'm still looking for these rare Pokemon from Gen 5, maybe you have at least of of them? -Hidden Grotto Japanese Poliwag -Nature Preserve lv 1 and lv 100 Gyrados
  2. Hi, I'm looking for a pkx/pk6 of the Spring 2015 Kanghaskan event for my personnal collection, the nature/IV's/Ev's doesn't matter, thanks in advance.
  3. Some issues with the file: i got a dropbox error 404
  4. Ah ok thanks so the only way to fully decrypt is the bruteforce made by SciresM?
  5. Hi, I tried today but while it says "Save decrypted" I obtain a 400 Ko file which cannot be read on PkHex "attempted to load an unsuported file". I precise that I can read my sav on PkHex but while the sav is not fully decrypted (but not save the changes of course)
  6. Hi, is there anything that can allow you to access to the hidden in-game trades in Pokemon Yellow (Beedril vs Buterfree, Pidgeot vs Pidgeot, Mew vs Mew)? I saw there were unable because there is no NPC dedicated so is it possible to add NPCs with?
  7. Hi, maybe it's a stupid question but is there a way to access to the 3 hidden in-game trades in Pokemon Yellow (Beedrill for Butterfree; Pidgeot for Pidgeot; Mew for Mew)? Is there any tool, save file modifer or anything else that can make these trades available?
  8. Arg, I failed! When I connect e-reader to gamecube and speak to the hostess my e-reader displays that message "Communication Failure". I don't know what it means, maybe it's the link cable? Or it's because I use a PAL version? EDIT: Don't work with PAL Versions but it works US version. Does anyone know how do promo cards (2 released and 1 unreleased) work?
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