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  1. <p><p><p><p><p><p>Not much, just trying to RNG Latias in White 2 without luck. <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/laugh.png" alt="xD" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/laugh@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p></p></p></p></p></p>

  2. <p><p><p><p><p><p>Hi! <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile.png" alt=":)" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p></p></p></p></p></p>

  3. KazoWAR: Oh yeah, well that's a bummer. Too bad you can't RNG eggs in BW2. But I do have another question though. I've been trying to RNG Latias in White2 without any luck. I've tried doing it on 2 different DS Lites (after calibrating of course) and still either keep getting the wrong Nature or IV's... During the calibration, 4 times I got 10F5 for Timer0 (with no second Timer0 value), and 1 time I got 10F6 for Timer0 (again with no second Timer0 value). So I used the 10F5 for my Min/Max Timer0 because that was the most common during calibration. My starting/initial frame is 51, target frame is 53, and I have to do 1 step to battle latias so... target frame (53) - initial frame (51) - step (1) = 1 advancement right? so I think I listen to Chatot once and take a step. Do I have that correct? If so what am I doing wrong? Thanks to anyone able to help!
  4. Here I have 3 PMD: Explorers of Sky .sav files. They're numbered 1,2,3 so you know which order they go in so no worries there. The first one I was in a Dungeon via Quicksave (It's been a while since I played it so that's where I was when I loaded the game ), I thought maybe that file would be useful for something to do with location editing. The second is at the Guild after returning from the Dungeon and before going to Treasure Town to "Link" moves. And the third is at the Guild after returning from linking moves in Treasure Town, thought that would be useful for move editing and linking. PMD - Sky .sav Fil.zip
  5. Sara


    @ Guested: Good @ evandixon: Of course not! I wouldn't do that. I already have my bred Pokemon's IV's pretty good and so it's only a matter of time before I get them. Plus RNGing is helping to get perfect parents
  6. Sara


    @ Guested and evandixon: Many people say irl and on the web that female Pokemon are weak because of the truth of it in the Gen II games. But even though it's no longer true in the new Gen's (III, IV, V) of games, people still never got over thinking that...
  7. Sara


    Hullo everyone! I'm known as Sara here but if you really want to know my real name just ask. I joined July 9th but was kinda shy about introducing myself until now. Now that I've gotten used to the forums I decided an introduction was needed. :redface: Where am I from? Maine, USA Gender,Age, Birthday? Female, 20 yrs. old, I'm a May baby born on the 4th, 1993. A little about me? Well as you can tell I love Pokemon. One thing you should know about me is I only train and raise Female (♀) Pokemon. This is because people say "female Pokemon are weak" and my goal is to prove that they're just as strong as Male (♂) Pokemon if trained/raised properly! I joined Project Pokemon because you guys are always posting all the good stuff (e.g. AR Codes, Pokemon Editors, Useful programs, and of course GOOD Hacks ) and I wanted to be a part of it as well as contribute to the best of my abilities. At my disposal have a Windows PC running 7 64-bit, an NDS Adapter Plus, and ALL the Pokemon games (all the way back to R/B/Y)! So yeah if you need something just ask.
  8. Could this be the Hex list? Googled it and found this on another site (SuperCheats) which claimed it's the same for B2/W2 as it was B1/W1. 00 -- None 01 -- Stench 02 -- Drizzle 03 -- Speed Boost 04 -- Battle Armor 05 -- Sturdy 06 -- Damp 07 -- Limber 08 -- Sand Veil 09 -- Static 0A -- Volt Absorb 0B -- Water Absorb 0C -- Oblivous 0D -- Cloud Nine 0E -- CompoundEyes 0F -- Insomnia 10 -- Color Change 11 -- Immunity 12 -- Flash Fire 13 -- Shield Dust 14 - Own Tempo 15 -- Suction Cups 16 -- Intimidate 17 -- Shadow Tag 18 -- Rough Skin 19 -- Wonder Guard 1A -- Levitate 1B -- Effect Spore 1C -- Synchronize 1D -- Clear Body 1E --Natural Cure 1F -- Lightningrod 20 -- Serene Grace 21- Swift Swim 22 -- Chlorophyll 23 -- Illuminate 24 - Trace 25 -- Huge Power 26 -- Poison Point 27 -- Inner Focus 28 -- Magma Armor 29 -- Water Veil 2A -- Magnet Pull 2B -- Sound Proof 2C -- Rain Dish 2D -- Sand Stream 2E -- Pressure 2F -- Thick Fat 30 -- Early Bird 31 -- Flame Body 32 -- Run Away 33 -- Keen Eye 34 - Hyper Cutter 35 -- Pickup 36 -- Truant 37 -- Hustle 38 -- Cute Charm 39 -- Plus 3A -- Minus 3B -- Forecasst 3C -- Sticky Hold 3D -- Shed Skin 3E -- Guys 3F -- Marvel Scale 40 -- Liquid Ooze 41 -- Overgrow 42 -- Blaze 43 -- Torrent 44 -- Swarm 45 -- Rock Head 46 -- Drought 47 -- Arena Trap 48 -- Vital Spirit 49 -- White Smoke 4A -- Pure Power 4B -- Shell Armor 4C -- Air Lock 4D -- Tangled Feet 4E -- Motor Drive 4F -- Rivalry 50 -- Steadfast 51 -- Snow Cloak 52 -- Gluttony 53 -- Anger Point 54 -- Unburden 55 - Heatproof 56 -- Simple 57 -- Dry Skin 58 -- Download 59 -- Iron Fist 5A -- Poison Heal 5B -- Adaptability 5C -- Skill Link 5D -- Hydration 5E -- Solar Power 5F -- Quick Feet 60 -- Normalize 61 -- Sniper 62 -- Magic Guard 63 -- No Guard 64 -- Stall 65 -- Technician 66 -- Leaf Guard 67 - Klutz 68 -- Mold Breaker 69 -- Super Luck 6A - Aftermath 6B -- Anticipation 6C -- Forewarn 6D -- Unaware 6E -- Tinted Lens 6F -- Filter 70 -- Slow Start 71 -- Scrappy 72 -- Storm Drain 73 -- Ice Body 74 -- Solid Rock 75 -- Snow Warning 76 -- Honey Gather 77 -- Frisk 78 -- Reckless 79 -- Multitype 7A -- Flower Gift 7B -- Bad Dreams 7C -- Pickpocket 7D -- Sheer Force 7E -- Contrary 7F -- Unnerve? 80 -- Defiant 81 -- Defeatist 82 -- Cursed Body 83 -- Healer 84 -- Friend Guard 85 -- Weak Armor 86 -- Heavy Metal 87 -- Light Metal 88 -- Multiscale 89 -- Toxic Boost 8A -- Flame Boost 8B -- Harvest 8C -- Telepathy? 8D -- Moody 8E -- Overcoat 8F -- Poison Touch 90 -- Regenerator 91 -- Big Pecks 92 -- Sand Rush 93 -- Wonder Skin 94 -- Analytic 95 -- Illusion 96 -- Imposter 97 -- Infiltrator 98 -- Mummy 99 -- Moxie 9A -- Justified 9B -- Rattled 9C -- Magic Bounce 9D -- Sap Sipper 9E -- Prankster 9F -- Sand Force A0 -- Iron Barbs A1- Zen Mode A2 -- Victory Star A3 -- Turboblaze A4 -- Teravolt
  9. Oh, okay. Thanks for the link (time to get reading)! EDIT: Will RNGing work on Latias? It's a stationary Pokemon right since you walk up to it right? But I have to take a step in order to battle her so how's this going to work?:confused:
  10. I'll give titan's guide a shot, do you have the link? Thanks. Also what do you mean about the Action Replay? It's needed to make the egg hatch quickly right? Unless you're saying it will not work if you're RNGing or will mess up the process? :confused:
  11. So yeah, I've been reading up on RNGing for the Pokemon games and it's a bit confusing even after watching many youtube videos and following Smogon's Guides... I'm more confused though when it comes to using the RNG Reporter 9.96.5. What do all the options mean and how do I use them? Also I'm trying to do this with Eggs for B2/W2 (with an DS Lite and an action replay with a "Quick Hatching" code). What I'm asking is for detailed instructions on; 1.) Calibrating of the RNG Reporter and DS 2.) Using the RNG Reporter with its many options Also using images would be REALLY helpful and any advice would be appreciated! Thanks.
  12. I could edit the OT and ID's if you wanted but if you don't that's fine. I just thought I'd offer to share my file.
  13. Here's some Pokemon that are on the "Still Need" List: And three I didn't see on the list but included anyway: All are from an English White 2 game cart and extracted from the PC Boxes using PikaEdit. If you need really them extracted using PokeGen let me know. EDIT: All these .pkm files have an OT of "Trainer", ID of "00001" and SID of "00002" so that users who download them can have their own OT & ID's. Note: the STATS (IV's, EV's, etc.) were NOT edited! Finneon-DW(F)..pkm Horsea-DW(F)..pkm Pidgey-DW(F)..pkm Buizel-DW(F)..pkm Larvitar-DW(F)..pkm Alomomola-DW(F)..pkm Druddigon-DW(F)..pkm
  14. Guested: I was just wondering if you wanted a Female Dream Radar Spiritomb. I noticed the one on the event page is Male, so it can't pass down it's DW ability through breeding. If you want a Female Dream Radar Spiritomb I have one and will gladly post it if you'd like.
  15. Alright, so it should be fine. I'll be sure to keep a backup of my current save just in case. Thank you very much for your help! I'm most appreciative.
  16. Sorry I think what I meant to say was is it going to hurt the game cart game "chip" in a way that will make playing and saving a game no longer possible? Like will it make the game cart no longer playable so I have to buy a new White 2 game cart? Thanks again you help is appreciated.
  17. Okay, thanks for the information guys. But just one last question, if I do this and something does go wrong, is it safe for the game cart for something to go wrong? Like will it hurt the internal game data in the game cart? And if not will restoring the back up with the NDS Adaptor PLUS toll fix it? Thanks.
  18. (Sorry if this is in the wrong place, if it is go ahead a move it thanks.) Okay, I have a English Pokemon White 2 Game cartridge, a NDS Adapter PLUS, and a Windows PC with DeSmuME & a English Pokemon White 2 (PATCHED) Rom. So in short I'm wondering if it safe for my game cartridge if I load my Pokemon White 2 SAV File (From the Patched Rom & Emulator on my PC) to my game cartridge with my NDS Adapter PLUS backup/restore tool.
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