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  1. I suppose it mean that Floette can be usable (It's encouraging). I was almost thinking in another "azure flute" (Programmed but never released)
  2. Is it A.Z.'s floette already programmed, or any evidence has been removed?
  3. I've passed a 4th gen Arceus, and a 4th gen shaymin to 6th and nature is always changed to hardy when both had timid (Before changes)
  4. Sorry but no. My WC isn't "the spanish version of the USA distribute hoopa" (I suppose it means that it's from South America). My WC is "Spanish from Spain" I've checked both (Yours and mine) by Hex and with WC editor and the only difference I can see is the receiving date (Both have OT Harry + ID 10235). The date of my WC is December 6th, and in Spain started in 4th (So I got after distribution started and not before). You can check distribution date here (From December 4th to January 29th): http://es.pokemon.wikia.com/wiki/Lista_de_eventos_de_la_sexta_generaci%C3%B3n#Hoopa_de_la_P18 http://www.hobbyconsolas.com/noticias/pokemon-evento-hoopa-disponible-nintendo-zone-game-132098 http://blog.game.es/consigue-a-hoopa-y-hoopa-desatado-en-game-y-tambien-un-tema-navideno-exclusivo-para-la-home/ Something I want to say is that in Spain not just GAME distribute Hoopa through NZs. Some other establishment like Media Markt also do it through physical code cards Finally, sorry @theSLAYER if we give you problems. Merry christmas to everyone!!
  5. What do you mean? :confused: Do you mean that my WC isn't legit because date doesn't match?
  6. Nintendo Zone's code Spanish Hoopa (Spain) As I knows this Hoopa hasn't been contributed yet Proofs: [ATTACH]12791[/ATTACH]
  7. Same shiny Charizard than before but this is only male (I had 2 codes. One for me, and other to my little bro): El mismo Charizard variocolor de España pero este sólo es macho (Tenía 2 códigos. Uno para mí, y otro para mi hermanito): 537 - ¡Un Charizard variocolor!_(SPA)_macho.rar
  8. This is my .wc6 Spanish Shiny Charizard I don't know how it was available in event compilation, before his distribution on April 20th. It has some different offsets respect .wc6 available in compilation EDIT: Is only female 537 - ¡Un Charizard variocolor! (SPA).rar
  9. Reuploading two events, this time without watermarks (Sorry, i don't know why, but I can't attach files) 504 - Spanish Magmar HA (Sorry, electabuzz missing): https://anonfiles.com/file/702d4c53a020b1a45e8e8e6074f55611 1501 - Spanish Torchic HA + Blazikenite: https://anonfiles.com/file/5d9f9469e98c2e1ea6d4ab1b39d9e710
  10. Here is mi little contribution (Thanks to PKHeX, RAM2Sav, and all researchers): 504 - Spanish Magmar HA (Sorry, electabuzz missing): https://anonfiles.com/file/559a9386aba446cd290ce4b95f5a6cb7 515 - Spanish Pinsir SUM14 (Heracross it's already in compilation, see above) https://anonfiles.com/file/4e6e91e629f80119bfdab0206f7242b2 516 - UK Charizard and a Charizardite Y (Available in Spain in a special way. Counterparty [with Charizardite X] missing as i know) https://anonfiles.com/file/ba5265bbb888046958e455f16b4214d5 1501 - Spanish Torchic HA + Blazikenite https://anonfiles.com/file/2407c92965a610d7a0c2ee00ef2345de 1507 - Spanish Samurott HA https://anonfiles.com/file/a37020feac2d825be67e5b949dc39779
  11. I read about modding existing moves (Ex. with PPRE) but i want to know if it's possible to creating new moves and how (i suppose than hexediting some NARCs, but i don't know which), if possible
  12. I'm playing Pokemon White 2, and i tried to modify my savegame but it's look like that filesize don't match (Probably i'm doing something wrong. sorry, it's my first time using pokegen) Is anyway to change/convert my savegames, to convert it, to open it with pokegen? NOTE: I'm using EUR version of the ROM, in spanish (I don't know if this has any importance) This is my savegame: Pokemon_Blanco_2..SAV
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