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  1. I suppose it mean that Floette can be usable (It's encouraging). I was almost thinking in another "azure flute" (Programmed but never released)
  2. Is it A.Z.'s floette already programmed, or any evidence has been removed?
  3. I've passed a 4th gen Arceus, and a 4th gen shaymin to 6th and nature is always changed to hardy when both had timid (Before changes)
  4. I read about modding existing moves (Ex. with PPRE) but i want to know if it's possible to creating new moves and how (i suppose than hexediting some NARCs, but i don't know which), if possible
  5. I'm playing Pokemon White 2, and i tried to modify my savegame but it's look like that filesize don't match (Probably i'm doing something wrong. sorry, it's my first time using pokegen) Is anyway to change/convert my savegames, to convert it, to open it with pokegen? NOTE: I'm using EUR version of the ROM, in spanish (I don't know if this has any importance) This is my savegame: Pokemon_Blanco_2..SAV
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