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  1. I'm trying to collect every Pokemon in every ball. I also collect foreign Pokemon.
    And event Pokemon code cards, used or un-used.

    Donations always welcome

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    2. Got_Eevees



      Me too.

      But I have a pretty sad collection.

      Only Lycanroc and Salazzle for the code cards.


      And they're used. But I'm keeping them for myself because I want a nice memory.

      I wish I could've helped more buddy.

      I'm sorry. :(.

    3. HaxAras


      Don't worry about it! I don't expect anybody to give me anything. But if somebody has a spare card or two and it's no skin off their back and they don't want it anyway, I'm happy to add it to my collection. 

      I've tried to track down those old Mew/Celebi certificates and the few people who have them, never want to part with them. So I figured I'd get an early jump on these code cards. 

    4. Got_Eevees



      Thank you. :).

      That is true; nice idea w/the head start. That's why I started (barely :p. oh,well) collecting my two cards so far.


      I'll see if I can help you out w/the every Poke in every ball project.


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