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  1. How exactly does this work ?
  2. Yay now I can finally get rid of pokesav from my computer.
  3. Always wanted this feature as seeing the program is flawless, Editing Trainer Info Like your name SID and ID and your rivals name it would be pretty nice to have kinda like how pokesav had it.
  4. Great job there ! I remember someone saying the english logo was too big but it worked ! Thank you !
  5. Ykr1113

    Dialog design

    That sounds sexy .
  6. It has to be the same size ? I don't remember that from BW 1 , thanks ill check it out .
  7. Kazo I have a problem with BWOE when i replace an image of a sprite even with one from the game I get this and when I save the narc and open it back up it stays the same as the original pic Please help all your other tools work fine. Thanks for the time and effort !
  8. I Decided to test the English patched rom on desmume before i put it on my ak2i, On desmume there a White screen at the beginning and only the audio plays. It works fine on my Acekard though, Just thought you guys would like to know.
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