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  1. In order to get the medals which won't be available anymore. Edit: Oh please, move this thread to "Save Editing Help", I'm so sleepy that I can't even think, sorry
  2. Oh, thanks. Since the website has Wonder Cards separated into different regions, I thought an American game would be completely glitched/bricked with a Korean Wonder Card, for example. Is it legal, though? I mean: if I went to Korea with my American game card, would I be able to get any Korean event Wonder Card?
  3. I don't know if someone still posts here, but here I go. Is there any problem in adding Japanese/Korean/other country Wonder Cards into an American retail game with Pokegen (I mean: making the backup, editting and restoring the save file)? It may be a stupid question, but I recently found that it's OK for C-Gear/Pokédex Skins, musicals and PWT tournaments, so I'm in doubt now.
  4. So no bugs/glitches because of the Japanese/Korean characters, right? Thank you!
  5. Is there any problem in inserting C-Gear Skins (as well Pokédex Skins, Musical Shows, PWT tournaments) from other languages into the retail American game?
  6. So I could register now and buy the game later. Sorry, I know it's stupid, but I need to know that, since PGL won't allow any new registrations after October 1st.
  7. Is there any way to safely add coins to Coin Case? I use PokeGen but I couldn't find any way to do it.
  8. Considering I am just using this program with Pokémon games (Diamond/Pearl/Platinum/HeartGold/SoulSilver/Black/White/Black 2/White 2), I got two questions: 1. What's the save type of the backup file dumped with save game manager? 2. If I have a .dsv file (DeSmuME save file), how do I change it to a file which can be restored to the retail cartridge?
  9. Thanks! So I don't need to buy an Action Replay, right? I don't have interest in cheating pokémons, I just want to get Wonder Cards. What's the best (= safest) computer program to edit save files?
  10. Sorry, folks, I am terribly newbie. I got a DS Lite. My only concern is getting Wonder Cards for my HeartGold retail cartridge. I was reading some threads so I found that Pokedoc tool. If I understand it right, that tool (used via R4) can make a backup of the save file, store it on the pc and restore it back to DS. Couldn't I just edit the save file on pc using PokeGen (or other computer program)? Do I really need Action Replay (if so, why?)? Would it be safe? I hope I am not asking it in the wrong section.
  11. Thanks for all your help. I've been reading this thread and the Pokedoc one, but I've got to keep asking some terribly newbie questions: since I will have to use the Pokedoc tool, do I still need an Action Replay? What for? If I understood it right, the Pokedoc tool can make a backup of the HeartGold save file, store that save file on my computer and restore it to DS. Couldn't I just use PokeGen (it is safe, isn't it?) to edit it on my computer? Sorry, but I still don't get the use of Action Replay. Maybe I am ignoring some part of the process. I am very newbie, please be patient. If I need to read something else to understand the whole process, please help me. I feel like I am asking a lot of nonsense stuff. Sorry for that.
  12. Yes, I do. I just got a bit scared when you mentioned "given that you aren't editing HeartGold/SoulSilver/Black/White/Black2/White2". I thought it meant I couldn't make a backup of the save file.
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