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  1. i made a mac version with the latest update its close to 1gb but thats how it works out https://mega.nz/#!z9UT3SoZ!Sj-yasnpqfr6ds6Y7Rtt4usd9S5FH_ivd0UNfnkVsjg
  2. I have a cia of AS I just need a completed save either extracted by cyber gadget or savedatafiler
  3. cybergadget .sav not a ram save preferably Male, everything else i can edit with pkhex, i just dont want to play all over again thanks
  4. there you gomain-oras.rar
  5. yes i ment i was getting that error, thank you for the fix
  6. ive just updated the PKHeX and old PKM files are no longer supported, is there a DL link to the previous version?
  7. is there a way to extract the pokemon from a WC and import it into PKHEX autofilled in?
  8. I kinda just made the pokemon from smogons suggestions, I'll edit them as hatched and get rid of the other move and give it ago, thanks for ur help, I'm hopeless at which moves are learned from when/where btw can u advice which facebook group i could look at?
  9. ive tried editing a few pokemon, some trade and some dont, what can i do to make sure they pass the legal checks this is my charizard that doesnt trade https://www.mediafire.com/?d38hbr97uh40e33
  10. i just cant seem to get any codes to work ive tried v1, v2, v1.1 codes, every master code ive found, nothing
  11. everytime i try to enter any of these i get "codes are for BPRE, this game is BPGE" any1 know wats up with that?
  12. i cant get the badge code to work, i got all the badges (all 16) and went and completed the pokemon league again but it didnt save properly and i went back to my last save, when i had 12 badges and i cant be bothered going about the place getting them all again
  13. yea i talked to every1 in town, maybe i missed sumthin b4 the town? is there anything important just before it?
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