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  1. I have an intel PCIe wireless card I can swap into my old windows pc. The Asus NiC I have won't allow the mac to be changed.
  2. Tried to set up Homepass. Only ended up with a migraine.
  3. Well, this is kinda bs. I nearly never take my 3DS with me, and I never attend any tournaments.
  4. To be honest, I did not know that at all. What with college and the other stuff going on, I haven't had much time to play or research much of the Pokemon stuff.
  5. I got my Diancie today from Gamestop. Kind of disappointed when I read on the card that it can't mega evolve until it gets sent to Alpha Saphire or Omega Ruby.
  6. Ok, ty. I guess that includes the wonder cards the Pokemon came on.
  7. I've never started a new game in a Pokemon title before now, and I made a mistake in my current playthrough of X. If I restarted my game, would I be able to reclaim the Pokemon I got through event distributions?
  8. I'll just order my copies off of gamestop's website like I've done with alot of my games lately, and just drive to one and get the megastone.
  9. Is this promo coming to the US anytime soon?
  10. So will the delayed release of the Pokemon Bank and Pokemon Transfer effect the free trial in any way?
  11. Too bad I can't go to Japan. I like Mewtwo, and like to get him any chance I can.
  12. I went and pre-ordered my copy of Pokemon White 2 today, got a Keldeo poster and the Keldeo.
  13. Crustle C-gear now available. Code is: CRUSTLECGEAR2012
  14. The Password for the Worlds Championship C-gear is: WCSCGEAR2012
  15. Im using desmume to play a copy of Pokemon White, and was wondering how I went about thinking that I used the relocator to obtain the special pokemon for Zorua and Zoroark? Any help would be appreciated. [Resolved]: I made the pokemon Celebi in pokegen using theevent celebi's stats, and it worked.
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