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  1. It took me a while because I had to recover my username and reset my password, but I'm still signed up to receive the newsletter so I shall see.
  2. Has this newsletter already gone out? I'm signed up on 2 email accounts and haven't gotten it on either one yet.
  3. Thank you. It's good to have choices occasionally, and the pictures help.
  4. Are there any pictures of what the other caps look like? I don't keep up on the series, and want to make an informed decision before locking myself into a cap I potentially don't like.
  5. Thank you for the input. I was just wondering as I have a hard cover for my 3DS I wanted to keep, and also don't like being limited to choices of red or black.
  6. As the title implies, this is about both the new hardware, and about getting a new one as well. I got one of the first 3DS systems to come out, and it does its job good, but it is showing its age and slowing down. For the past couple of months, I have been thinking of buying one with the faster hardware specs. Since I live in the U.S.A., I am limited to using the 3DSXL if I want to stick to a U.S. retailer. If I went and bought a new system from a store in Japan, would I be able to use it with U.S. region games and in English?
  7. I don't suppose we could, at least temporarily, sticky this thread so that it is easier to find for the rest of the year?
  8. Alright. Ty. It sounds like I'll just have to get someone to trade my mega evlution pokemon with.
  9. The mega stone won't stay with the pokemon holding it?
  10. Let's say I wanted to restart my game of Pokemon X. Could I use the Pokemon Bank to store the Pokemon in my current save, including their held megastones and event pokemon I may have and then transfer them to my new save?
  11. From November 27th until December 23rd, you can get the Mythical Pokemon Hoopa by going to McDonalds and using the Nintendo Zone Wi-Fi in any X/Y/OR/AS Game on any Nintendo 3DS. Hoopa comes with the move Hyperspace Hole, a move that only it has access to. When used in OR/AS, can send you on a quest to find an item to unleash it's second form, Hoopa Unbound with the exclusive move Hyperspace Fury. Official announcement: http://hoopa.pokemontcgxy.com/get-hoopa
  12. This is the same event as last October. Tis sad because it won't allow me to claim one for 2015.
  13. That is true that Japan has more events, but it seems that since the time of Pokemon Black and White, promotional pokemon releases in the U.S.A. have been decreasing rather rapidly.
  14. I dislike this lack of American releases since the launch of ORAS.
  15. I'm glad I thought to check this. I got Serperior and Emboar. Now I'm just waiting for Samurott's code to come active.
  16. Got a message on my US cart when I tried to redeem the Serperior code that the gift wasn't found.
  17. I got my Eon Ticket today via Homepass. I just had to get the right address set up on my router. A big Thank You to everyone that helped me with getting Homepass set up, and for all the advice. I don't intend to wipe the router I used for this, but I will keep it unplugged until a new event comes up that I need Streetpass/Homepass for.
  18. As an Illinois resident, I thank you for the information, but I live in northern IL, and though I would like to travel to southern IL, this time of year isn't really the best time for it. ty though.
  19. So I should still get the Eon Ticket, or should I use attwifi?
  20. I have an older router that has DD-WRT on it. I managed to program that and get it to work as an NZ hotspot. When I used the second MAC Address, and I loaded Nintendo Zone, I got a red banner after it loaded the ORAS page that looked like it was in German.
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