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  1. Use thenewpoketex to extract the files from the rom, and edit the xml file it produces in whatever way you want, then import it back into the files and make a new rom. For HGSS, you have to put a/0/2/7 into msgdata and rename it msg.narc, then it'll let you rip the text and import it back into the file. Then when you want to make the rom, just put msg.narc back into a/0/2 and rename it to 7 again. http://www.mediafire.com/download/qnlufesb5xyde2d/thenewpoketex.rar That's exactly what I'm gonna do! And nope, all those have been replaced because I've replaced their Incense items with new items just like I'm gonna do with the moves.
  2. Yep I am. Just been busy. I want to release something before XY come out. Hoping to have it go through at least 2 badges.
  3. I did think about that, but no, they use the same data for each of their stats - the only differences are the sprites and icons of their shapes.
  4. Thanks! I've been working on re-ordering some more things in order to include the new B2W2 forms (which I had only planned on Kyurem getting a new one before all that was revealed). I've had to make some forms separate Pokemon, and I'm hoping to somehow make a script that'll change one Pokemon from another, retaining the stats and such, which is as close to a form change as I can do (if I can even do it haha). Pokesav may be needed it I can't pull it off, and I can at least make a custom version of that. I've been thinking of making two versions like those hacks - one without any changes to stats, and another with some changes. Like the classic and complete versions. And I've been playing that hack, I have over 80 hours in it so far haha. It's been helping me decide the levels and such. __________________________________ Now, a general announcement: Most of the 3rd/4th gen Pokemon were just there because I hadn't had anything to replace them yet, but now I've decided, in the 'empty' spaces, I'll include Pokemon that people have wanted in, and have posted in one of these threads, as long as there's room for them. I've put the Drapion line and Lucario line back in, which are some of my favorites too, as well as the Dusknoir line and Probopass line (since they have cross-generation evolutions, and I had said that all Pokemon like that will be in the game [with the exception of Baby Pokemon]). Most every 3rd and 4th gen legendary has been replaced, with the exception of the 4 Regis, Deoxys, Cresselia, Darkrai, and Arceus. Every starter Pokemon is also still in the hack. All of this is still subject to change, though I am going to need to have a final list sometime soon. This probably will be the final list unless something arises where I need to change something, which I can't think of anything that would do so. I'm also including some fakemon, which are just for fun, and I'm not going to force the player to interact with them - they'll be there if you want to use them, and hopefully I've chosen some that people won't completely hate. One that I'm willing to reveal right now is an evolution of Weezing, which will evolve with the use of a King's Rock. It's name is Choaking. Very punny. Then there will also be some new fake fossil Pokemon, as well as a few joke Pokemon (again, just for fun, since this is a hack and all). I'll list the Pokemon left that have yet to be replaced, and the reasons they're still there. The spaces left are the Pokemon previously programmed as: Shedinja-for some reason, I can't make this space have more than 1 HP, even though I change the values. most likely will be replaced with a jokemon because of its unchangeable 1 HP. Spinda-its randomized spot pattern yields it a unique space. not sure what to do. Castform-different forms, yields more possibilities than other spaces. will probably keep it in the game because it's one of my favorites Burmy/Wormadam-different forms, yields more possibilities than other spaces. these will be replaced, because mothim is gone, but idk what to put there yet. hoping to find/think of a fakemon that has interesting forms... I created a freewebs site for this game, and I'm going to put more information on the site within the next month or so, including the final list of Pokemon in the game (though some of the fakemon I'm going to hide until the game is released). I'll post more info when I'm able to. Remember my twitter! And on a more personal note (though still Pokemon related), ever since gen 2 came out, I had thought of two ideas for Pokemon that I had hoped would become a real Pokemon someday. One of them was a Ghost/Fire chandelier, which happily became a reality. I'm going to include my other idea in this hack, so I'm quite interested in seeing what people will think of it!
  5. Hippowdon is 2 Pokemon after, and it is one of the few to have seperate overworld sprites for genders, which Unfezant required.
  6. What operating system are you using? Did you make sure to patch it to a clean english SoulSilver? It doesn't work with HeartGold yet.
  7. Quick update: Just want to let you all know I'm still working on the game, but I've been experimenting and testing things to see what I'm able to do. I figured out how to do much more than I thought was possible when I first started this project. As such, despite what I had the security guard in the game say, I'm unfortunately not expecting a release to be ready before B2W2's official english release, though I still expect some sort of playable beta version to be ready this year. The list of Pokemon may change, but I'm not certain about anything yet... rest assured, every 1st, 2nd, and 5th gen Pokemon will be available no matter what. I've recently worked on updating the graphics as well, including new sprites for every 5th gen Pokemon, and including the new Pokemon overworlds from B2W2 (and updating some others Game Freak hadn't done). Here's a few new pictures of the graphics: Some Pokemon with their old overworlds/The same Pokemon, but with their new overworlds/And some other Pokemon with their new battle sprites Credits for updated overworlds: Game Freak, me Credits for front sprites: KingOfThe-X-Roads on DeviantArt - link to the sprites Credit for back sprites: Chaos Rush - link to thread Make sure to follow my twitter page for updates on the hack. I also made a website, but I don't think I'm going to update that much. Twitter will have new info first most likely. Also make sure to e-mail me with any questions you may have! Or feel free to contact me any other way, though e-mail will be the quickest.
  8. Check these locations: a/0/9/3 data/field_cutin I'm not sure which the game actually uses, or if it uses both, but anyway: these narcs contain the overworld sprites for when the player uses an HM outside of battle (if I recall correctly). I successfully edited these sprites, so I know it's possible. Let us know how it goes!
  9. Asking for this again. I've been trying to search through the RAM, but nothing's been working. It appears to work differently than the first games however, as the new battle scene background appear more detailed. I have never done anything with the RAM before, so I'm not quite sure what I'm doing. Any suggestions as to what I should do? EDIT: I just gave up doing an AR code and hacked the files in the game. If anyone's curious, here's a VS recorded match made successfully with a dark black battle scene! So forget about my request, thanks anyway though!
  10. That's what I do, and it works for me. Does PPRE produce an error log when you try to create the new rom?
  11. New patch is up! Changes detailed in changelog in original post. Interesting note: while I was searching the rom for the location of the mini-sprite used to denote the location of the player on the Town Map, I found a file with the icons of the playable characters, Raikou, Entei, and Suicine (as expected). But, instead of Lyra, it had a blue-haired female, which I assume is Kris. I'm not sure if this has been found by anyone before, but it's confirmation that Game Freak did in fact have Kris in the game at one point (or at least used her as a debug for the map icons). Just thought this was pretty cool The file is located in a/1/4/2 for anyone that's interested (in Tinke, it's file 22 IIRC). This Kris mini-icon is the one used in the patch, and is pictured in the original post. Let me know if you find any other bugs not noted in the original post!
  12. Has there been a code made to change the battle background when viewing a battle in the VS Recorder? I know there's one for B/W, and if I knew anything about creating codes, I would do so myself. The original code is: 94000130 FFFB0000 B2000024 00000000 0004FD78 000000XX 0004FD7C 000000YY 2004FD82 0000004B D2000000 00000000 where XX and YY are changed to achieve different backgrounds. Pressing Select before pressing the Play button will change the background. I tried the code in White 2 and it didn't work for me, but it does work in White 1, so apparently it's different for the sequels.
  13. Figured out I needed the Vs Recorder before it'd appear. I are stupid. On a side note, though it probably doesn't matter, I can confirm this works with DSTWO with firmware version 1.11.
  14. Is there a reason the lady at the top-right in the Pokecenter only offers me the GTS instead of Random Matchup and, well, everything else like in BW1? Not sure if it's the patch or what, but I have 3 badges, and GTS is still the only option on the list...
  15. Thanks! I've been working on an Alpha 2, but I'm not sure if I want to release it now, or just wait until I get the entirety of Johto finished and the new story elements and such into the game. And to everyone who's played so far, and will play in the future, regarding the next release... I don't know whether to release an Alpha 2, or just wait until I get much closer to the hack's completion. This Alpha was only meant as a playtest for the general public to showcase all I've done with putting Unova Pokemon in the game, and more importantly, to get feedback about the slightly higher level curve to see if it's too much, or too little. I'm not sure what I'll do yet. If I do release another Alpha, it'll still be for testing purposes only, such as testing the difficulty and ironing out bugs, as all that will be changed will be the wild Pokemon and Trainer rosters, and not much else really. I'm working on implementing a new story into my hack (which will, among other things, also include a reason for the sudden appearance of non-native Unova Pokemon ), and this will not be in any Alpha. Any newer version after the Alphas won't be compatible with previous saves, which is why I'm hesitant to release another Alpha, lest players get really far into the game and become annoyed that they'll have to start over What do you all think?
  16. That TV special is why I had Misdreavus following Kris in the video
  17. HGSS - Kris as Female Protagonist Rom info: Hack of: Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver (USA) Language: English Current Version: 2.0 Last Updated: 18th July, 2012 Summary This is a simple hack of HGSS, where Lyra is replaced by Kris, the female protagonist introduced in Pokémon Crystal. There are a few minor glitches, but these are mostly negligible. All that is changed in this patch is the graphics, as well as any mention of 'Lyra' with 'Kris'. Screenshots: Videos: [YOUTUBE]vLfPZUmL6h8[/YOUTUBE] Credits: Tools used: Kimba616 - DeviantArt – for making all the Kris sprites. Link S-Laughtur - DeviantArt – for making the full-art Kris sprite in the intro. Link Someone – a kind anon on 4chan sent me his work on a rom hack like this one, entitled 'Pokemon SpiritCrystal', from which I extracted Kris' backsprites from. Bugs: Changelog: Downloads and Documentation: Link to patch and xdelta (used to patch the original rom)
  18. I've been wondering this myself. One day I realized Gyarados was shiny in overworld by default in the lake, but then I realized quite quickly that it had a custom sprite, so that epiphany was shortly lived.. I'll report here if I find out anything. It may very well be a simple offset change (easier said than done I know.) As far as I know, the normal and shiny palettes are next to each other (at least in Tile Molester - might be irrelevant when placed in the game). I'll try some things, and see if anything works.
  19. Hi everyone. As you may know, I'm working on a HGSS hack, and I've ran into a problem. I was wondering if anyone has ever done any research as to how editing a Pokemon's sprite position in battle would be possible. In DPP, it's quite easily achieved by editing the files called poke_yofs, poke_shadow, and poke_shadow_ofx (and others I may not be aware of). However, like many NARCs in HGSS's filesystem, when edited at 1/3/2, 1/3/5, and 1/3/7 respectively, they do nothing to change the actual game. In fact, I removed the files, and the game was still completely stable as far as I could tell. This tells me that the information originally in the previously mentioned NARCs is somewhere else; I assume it's probably encrypted in ARM9 somewhere (based on my past luck!) I searched the decompressed ARM9 (albeit quite noobishly, I don't quite know how to search with a Hex editor in an efficient manner, if one even exists), so, is there anything I can do to direct myself in the right direction? I've searched for patterns that are included in the original files, say, the y offsets (I assume that's what poke_yofs stands for), and nothing comes up in ARM9. Is there another file that they may be located within? Any advice on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated! If there's a way to academically study how ARM9 works, assuming this isn't just something isolated to Pokemon/Nintendo games, I'll be more than willing to do research and report here with what I've found. Thanks everyone!
  20. It's quite a complicated and tedious process, but if you do it correctly the first try, it'll only take about 15 minutes. I made a tutorial video here: You can PM me if you have any questions. There's files (tools and such, and I think written directions unless I forgot to include them) in the video description that you can download. As Lugia is a large sprite, the video doesn't cover those. Though I do include the slight differences in the instructions, such as the palette offset. Again, feel free to PM if you need any help!
  21. I actually planned that from the beginning, even before Kyurem's forms were released, because I had a feeling it would get at least one new form. Having two versions works quite well, it'll be like Deoxys was in FRLG The height measurements for serpentine-body-type Pokemon are actually their length. The largest height measurement of a Pokemon that does not refer to its length, and is also not already a large overworld/legendary (excluding Wailord of course), is Golurk (which replaces Wailord ironically), with Beartic following after at nearly a foot shorter. I know it is quite large, but after seeing the BW movie, I wanted to make it to scale. Technically, Beartic should be close to this size, albeit a foot shorter, but Golurk is one of my new favorites and I wanted to make a special huge sprite for it (I knew it was going to look funny from the start lol). I might make it smaller in the future, considering the game doesn't expect a sprite to be this tall and therefore it passes through objects that are taller. The video I'm posting below shows Golurk (as well as the three main legends) in overworld form, and as you can see (around 3:35), Golurk clips through the Pokecenter roof, so it is something I'm working on and thinking about changing. The other large legendary sprites also have this problem, but these are taken from Black/White (and the DeviantArt master sheet of fan-made 5th gen sprites) and might be changed later. In case you haven't seen the movie, here's how big Golurk is compared to a full-sized adult: New video, showing gender differences in overworlds, shiny overworld compatability, and large overworld sprites. Also includes complete Pokedex (except for footprints): [video=youtube;yF4sjeGXX_E]
  22. Thanks everybody! I'm glad you like it! I don't know yet, but I plan on having all the originally-available HGSS legendaries (1st and 2nd gen ones) obtainable through their original means. The others, if I learn how to do so without unforeseen bugs, will most likely be obtainable through custom events. I'm going to keep the starters as the 2nd gen ones, but I also plan on making the player's choice of a Unova starter available very early on in the game, before the battle with Joey and his epic Rattata.
  23. Pokémon UnovaHGSS Rom info: Hack of: Pokémon SoulSilver (USA) (HeartGold will be supported at a later date) Language: English Current Version: Alpha v1.1 (goes up to Ilex Forest) Last Updated: 10th April, 2012 Summary UnovaHGSS is a hack of Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver that integrates the new fifth generation Pokémon from Black and White into the game. The new Pokémon are not meant to replace the original 251, rather, my intention is to have them alongside the original Pokémon. Not all Pokémon will be included in this hack – very few third and fourth generation Pokémon appear. To include the Unovian Pokémon, I had to replace existing Pokémon, so most third and fourth gen Pokémon are gone. This is my first actual hack, so I’m still new at this. The battle sprites for the new Pokémon are placeholders, simply taken from Black/White and put into the game until I create original sprites for them. All but a few overworld sprites for the new Pokémon were created through a community endeavor over at DeviantArt; I made a few myself, notably the larger Golurk sprite. Shiny Pokémon are also fully supported, in-battle and overworld. Features: -Every Pokémon from Unova will be obtainable in this game, alongside every first and second generation Pokémon! Some third and fourth generation Pokémon also available! -All Unovian Pokémon will follow you around for the first time! -Slightly increased difficulty – stronger trainers, wild Pokémon, etc. -More features will be added in future versions FAQ: Screenshots: Videos: (Might be loud - complete silence for a few seconds, then music starts) [YOUTUBE]dkB8NwL0xQ4[/YOUTUBE] Credits: Tools used: DeviantArt community – for making all the Unova overworld sprites. Link Chaos Rush – for his wonderful endeavor in creating resized sprites. I’m using the Reshiram and Zekrom in the game for now - Link Poryhack – for pointing me in the right direction for hex editing Pokémon icon palettes (whenever I learn how, I will make a program that will make editing the icons and palettes easier than hex editing them). Also thanks to Poryhack and the Project Pokémon community for creating a list of the HGSS File system - Link Stratocaster - for creating a guide on how to change every aspect of a Pokémon. This hack would not have happened without it - Link PokeCommunity – for giving me the desire to hack Pokémon games back in 2007 when I knew even less than I do now MediaFire – for continuing its services through this stupid anti-piracy craze… Bugs: Changelog: Downloads and Documentation: Link to patch and xdelta (used to patch the original rom) List of Changed Pokémon
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