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  1. No, I just tried, and tried, and tried until it worked... patience.
  2. It finally worked after trying for like an hour....
  3. I tried that already and nothing.
  4. Yeah, everything is fine. I can backup and restore my HeartGold game, but in White the DS restarts when I put in the game.
  5. Hmm... this works well with my HG game but when I swap the flashcart to my White game, the DS restarts!! I tried with an Acekard 2 with AKAIO 1.8.6a and M3 Real with latest Sakura. I'm using a DS Lite. Also I tried using different versions of the homebrew. Any help?
  6. Hello there, I screwed up my HeartGold (U) game by picking an Enigma Stone made from the Masterball quantity item code and picked it via the Red Man in Pokemart, so, I can't activate the event and I can't get the real item from the Green Man. Is there a code that I can get rid of it without deleting my other items? I can't even use pokesav because my OT have special characters. Thanks in advice
  7. Anyone have tested it on Black or White? Either EUR or JAP version?
  8. Why I have an error of: FTP Server Missing? Before I didn't got that and the IP on the ini file is the same, also the computer one... It happens using 0.2.1 and 0.2.2
  9. Nobody? Or at least a tutorial that I can follow?
  10. Hi guys, I know that this maybe sounds crazy but I want to know if there's a way to replace the texts in the japanese version of Soul Silver for the US ones: attacks, items, dialogues, etc. but keeping only the katakana names for the pokemon... I have a good sav there and I don't want to just rename it to use it on the US version and lose the japanese names of my future breeding/catching projects. Thanks in advice.
  11. Hi guys. I used pokesav for HGSS on my HG rom to transfer my boxes from Platinum. The issue is, that I saved and when I got ingame, the trainer now have the name "????". Is there an AR to rename it or to get back to the old name? I'm using WinXP SP3, a DSTT 1.17a07 and the Pokesav compact v0.03a Thanks in advice.
  12. Thank you so much! I want to learn on how to do legal ones, so, to don't bother you each time I need one haha.
  13. Ok, thanks for clarify... hm. I guess that via pkm file should be good to make the transfer easy.
  14. Hello guys, I'm not very used to pokesav and I want to make a legit Lucario but idk which parameters should it have for being 100% legit. Please check this: If there are any mistakes on the form, please let me know. Thanks in advice.
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