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  1. Hi Trigger, congratulations on your app, it looks amazing and I can''t wait to try it out, but I've been having a problem with it: I cannot load any of my saves. When I press "add" on the "manage saves" tab, it just flashes and never prompts me to some other window to locate and add the saves. I tried to run it as administrator and check if my antivirus was blocking it, but nothing worked. I'm running windows 7 home premium and .NET Framework 4.5.2. Can you help me, please?
  2. Actually I do have Mew & Celebi on my Stadium II but the battery has died on all my Gen II carts. This past february, when the Gen I VC re releases came out, nostalgia hit me hard, so I unburied all my Gen I & II games from the storage, motivated by the idea of transfering my 15+ years beloved pokemon to Sun & Moon, however to my unplesant surprise, my GSC games lost the saves I had on them because their battery had died. This promted me to verify if I had some clones of the pokemon on my stadium carts. Not all of them were there, but the lengendaries, shinnies and some of my competitive pokemon were stored, along side the Mew and Celebi I got from the promotions of a specialized magazine (Club Nintendo) here on México . However I've got a couple of things to tell you: Firstly, I have absolutley no way to dump this saves. I've read about the everdrive method and some other hardware that uses the printer ports on old PCs, but first I have to change the battery of Gold, Silver or Crystal, right? Or is there a way to dump the Stadium II save and then extract the pokemon data? Secondly, back on those days the use of the GameShark and similar cheating devices was running rampant in here, and even though I went to the offices of said magazine to get the pokemon and the claims of the magazine of being "the official mexican magazine sponsored and certified by nintendo", I always feared that the Mew and Celebi weren't legit, specially because both of them were leveled and had some TM moves on them, as if the guy who was distributing them was also playng with them, or worse: they weren't legit. So, how can I know their legitimacy? Is there a list of OT & ID# of legitimate Mews & Celebis I could check before spending on harware?
  3. I have absolutely no problem with you extracting the data you need and using it, in fact that's the reason I'm sharing the saves with you guys. It's as HaxAras commented, I only want my pokemon to remain private. On the subject of imported carts receiving the events. I do remember attending some TCG pre-releases and tournaments on that period, where alot of trainers gathered to battle, trade and brag about their games, and alot of those games where in spanish. I mention this because in those events (TCG related or Video game related), you saw the exact same people every single time and not once I heard someone complaining that they didn't got the event on their carts because of the region or language of their carts, or something similar. So although I didn't saw with my own eyes someone receiving the Mystic or Aurora ticket on their Rojo Fuego or Hoja Verde, I'm pretty much certain the distributions that took place here on those dates and the spanish carts where compatible. I'll try to get ahold of some Fuego Rojo/Hoja Verde carts that may contain the wondercard data and dump their saves to backup this claim.
  4. I didn't expect such excited replies! Thank you guys! To tell you the truth I was more than willing to share my saves anyway, and contribute a little to the community after all these years of just lurking the forums. @HaxAras My god! you have quite the collection! And you did exactly what I was planning on doing to get the perfect pokeblocks. I'll be more than grateful if you could share some of those to my save or another save with the necessary berries to blend the pokeblocks, I would really appreciate it! @HaxAras I'm from México, and got the tickets at the Electronic Game Show on 2004 and 2005. To be more precise I got the Aurora Ticket on October 23rd 2004, and the Mystic Ticket on October 22nd 2005, both events were held at the World Trade Center in Mexico City. Back in the day, all the games we could get here were American versions, there was no localizations and if you wanted some pokemon games in spanish you had to import them, which of course was more expensive (and personally I just hate the way the game reads in spanish, such horrible translatios!) The Eon ticket on my Emmerald save came from the collaboration with a friend I had during those years. We used to play TCG, and he used to travel alot to the states (his dad was a pilot) so he eventually got ahold on an e-reader so we could use it to play with the codes on the cards, and some time later(I cannot remember for the love of god how or from whom) I got my hands on a physical Eon Ticket, so we scanned it to his Sapphire and proceeded to mix records with my emmerald. I keep the card to this day. Finally, I would like the saves to be kept private, so I'm sending you the saves via PM. I hope my saves are useful to you guys! And thank you, really thank you!
  5. Hi everyone. Long time lurker here. Recently I decided to embark on the project to create my ultimate (as legal as posible) Shinny Tyranitar. The idea is to breed it on emmerald and migrate it through every gen to collect with it all that it possibly can (conest ribbons, Colossium, Battle Revolution, pokethlon, etc.). Because of this I've been reading alot on gen III stuff, about creating the best pokeblocks to max out contest stats and all that it implies on the use of the e-reader. However because it's 2016, alot of the hardware necesary to acomplish this it's almost impossible to get, so my only option left is to emulate the whole pokeblock ordeal. That's the reason that brought me here, the search for some Ruby/Sapphire saves that contain the special e-reader berries to use for blending the ultimate pokeblocks. As I read this thread I began to remember that on 2004/2005 I attended to the distribution of the Mystic Ticket and Aurora ticket on my country, and although I didn't get the aurora ticket on my emmerald (the distribution here was on 2004), I did get both tickets on my Leaf Green, and best of all because of the way I play the games, both are unused, so I can still try to catch Ho-oh, Lugia and Deoxys. So what I'm asking is: Are you folks interested on my Leaf Green save? By any chance someone could have and share a Ruby/Sapphire save with the special berries I'm searching? I assure you both saves are unhacked, (my Emmerald has the Eon ticket unused too) if you wish I could search on my stuff for the memorabilia I got on both events (shadow lugia tcg giant card, some tcg mats, the tickets for said events, etc.)
  6. Hy guys, i'm new here on this forums and first of all i want to say its a great job you've done here. Secondly i have to say i'm dying for this to work for me but i'm having problems with ir-gts, it just wont give an adress, it just says "Please set your DS's DNS serever to". What i want to do is send some of my pkmn to mi PC, i've tried installing diferent versions of python but nothing seems to work, can some please help me?
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