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  1. Really... this is the only thread in PP that i have seen so much bumps and same request.... here's a text file of all cheats i could gather HERE :cool: http://http://www.megaupload.com/?d=PT7BKVN6 Sorry for megaupload....
  2. :cool: Okay..... well who do you think is the best moderator or admin of projectpokemon.org post your answers everyone wanna knw.....
  3. I hope that everyone is allright..... hope all will be fine...
  4. I suggest ending this thread... it's on march 6th right.... I am gona miss it even though..... this i believe is the best project undertaken by PP.... I sincerly show my extreme thanks to those who have worked in binging out this patch...
  5. heyy..... is there any way that this programme can be extended so that it can used in saves of pokemon ranger 3 and all ranger games!!!????
  6. Thnx bob...and guested u mean that english names = never ooh and i am replyng frm phone thats why not replyng with quote... Its takng too much time 4 that.. And i have a stupid limit of 500 wrds :-/ so can anyone say that if we play with v7 u can understand the story BEAUTIFULLY
  7. Guys and gurls its rocking to see that this forum is progressing again with a realese of v7 hehe... And vgperson ur doing the most awesome job i have ever seen a man do ;-) gr8 work thanks to everyone is isshu unova in v7 and the starters names are the too in english and i am nt in a situation of playng pkm blck and wht.. Thats why i askd.
  8. Ooh the new logo is too cartoonish and the names is gud(comparing to digimon) and region sucks actually it shuld have been smthng like the previous one.... This is just my opnion and vgperson who is that boring person...and guys can anybody hold a poll or smthng for whether to include the newly english relesed data in the next patch...
  9. Yay.. Even though the pprogressing of this forum is becoming slw...,the realese of the english names will surely boost it and i recomend that u add the english names in the next patch . And snivy is a gr8 name.
  10. Go to desumme official site.... And i cnt wait for the next one B-) the hgss translations stpd(finishd) at v6.
  11. Great V4 is out before you know.. Man Thanks Kaarosu And all the project Pokemon translators Also in the lab in Starting town the laptop says its on project Pokemon translating forums and hooray for the translators that"s right,whoever did that that was Awesome!
  12. hey NSS your help for translation was great i could translate the options,trainer names and all i got two questions 1) need help story translation how do you do that??? 2)Regarding space in translation is there a limit in the words???
  13. i already knew this from here! that's a great translation and many dialogues translated here and in that document is entirely different!
  14. ooh focus on story thats the best this translation is going way faster than i thought!
  15. you guys are all so busy i am just a noob don't know any translations..or how to... i feel lame!
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