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  1. My bad I changed the nature after I evolved it. I didn’t know that it was locked on modest nature. Thanks for the help!
  2. I’m sure it’s level is above met level I evolved it ingame then it became illegal for some unknown reason. I’ll just do it the same way you did thanks for the help!
  3. Evolving the shiny event poipole to naganadel makes it illegal.
  4. can someone recompile pkhex for me please?
  5. Because I accidentally updated my 3ds xl firmware to past 9.5.0-22U..I bought a new o3ds with firmware 4.2.0-9U can you please teach me how you did it? Can I make it with only having an o3ds with 4.2.0-9U and an original cart?
  6. So I have a O3DS unit with firmware 4.2..Can someone tell me how to update it to 9.2?
  7. can't seem to open reddit.. any other links please
  8. You shouldn't alter your TID/SID combination. Obviously you altered it that's why it is showing up as Illegal.
  9. Options>Target Game>Diamond/Pearl Platinum HeartGold/SoulSilver
  10. Me too I'm on Windows 7 too the two previous versions worked well btw.
  11. how do you transfer the edited .pkx to your game?
  12. At last we have a working code for Reveal Glass thank you very much Bond697. Although I already made the event work using pokestock.
  13. coldheart

    Therian Forms

    Yeah Therian Forms aren't tradable.
  14. It does matter. Doing this you won't receive the Reveal Glass even if you Pokegen the Reveal Glass it isn't working as intended.
  15. Yeah me too. The event doesn't work using pokegen
  16. Is there a code already for the working Reflecting Mirror/Reveal Glass? Everytime I generate it from Pokegen it doesn't work.
  17. Links are dead can someone reupload please?
  18. Waiting for a new beta to come out. For me this hack is the best
  19. magnificent job oxnite just started playing today I chose Tepig..I'll post my progress tomorrow
  20. http://segesi.deviantart.com/ Is it possible to use custom sprites from here.. The RSE sprites are short and uhmm I think they don't fit well peace!
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