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  1. Just got my switch modded and I’m just wondering is it possible to transfer Pokémon from between gen 3 and 7 to gen 8 directly in Pkhex or do I have to use bank and home to transfer them without causing any issues?
  2. I’m getting ready to hack my switch which has two accounts as the same as in my other Switch that I’m not planning to hack. But can I transfer save data (from a physical cartridge, not download) to and from each other locally without WiFi? Was planning to it mainly on Pokémon games to use Pkhex.
  3. I know that the max EV a Pokémon can get is 510 as why the Randomize EVs button gives out 510. But can any Pokémon at any level get max EVs? I’m currently making a living dex and making Pokémon at random levels. For example, can a LV.10 Totodile and a Lv.100 Feraligatr have a max EV spread of 510 or does it have to be 508?
  4. In the batch editor, how do I change all Pokémon into shiny in Gen 3 with the correct PID without doing them one by one? Off topic, how do I change the TID/SID in certain boxes and not all boxes?
  5. I’m able to move this file into my firered cartridge but is it possible to move this file into my Leafgreen cartridge?
  6. How do you use/type to use the Batch Editor. I tried but I had no idea how to use it and it says “No instructions defined for a modification set”, what do I type to change the OT name and gender?
  7. When I change my trainers name it doesn’t change the Pokémon’s OT that I already caught. Can someone tell me how can I change multiple Pokémon’s OT at once.
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