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  1. <p><p><p><p><p>Just updated my post on the PPSE ubuntu binary.</p></p></p></p></p>

  2. So... what are the real evolutions?
  3. Well, we'll find out when Black and White comes out in Japan. A friend of mine pre-ordered the JP version of Black.
  4. Because of the evolutions alone, I'm changing my mind from Pokabu to Tsutarja. ... Though if somebody doesn't want their Pokabu, I'll take it.
  5. I personally have only one question, but I think I want to make a thread for a sort of 'collab guide'. Now, you've all heard of IV breeding to get Pokemon better starting stats, in other words raising IVs as high as humanely possible. Unfortunately, it tends to make most Pokemon you breed male. Now, I'm after a female Ralts. I've got a male one, but he's for getting Gallade, and I make it a point not to have two of the same Pokemon. I'm also after a Gardevoir, but I'm a bit picky. Basically, I want a female Gardevoir. Many of you know that if a Pokemon's Attack IV is high enough (or too high) they'll be male. I've already attempted to breed a female Ralts, and I failed miserably. After a bit of research, I found out why. The Ralts I had (not including EVs in the calculation) had too large of an Attack IV (I bred it with a Ditto). To cut to the chase, basically, I want to do the opposite of IV breeding. Instead, I want to bring the IV down. The question is, how? Is it possible, or do I have to wait for a swarm of Ralts and hunt for a female? EDIT: Also (since the forum decided to post my thread before I could finish it), if anyone has any other breeding questions, feel free to ask here.
  6. Title. I personally nickname my Pokemon according to the Knights of the Round Table. Why? I just do. :bidoof: For example, I named my starter Pokemon (Cydnaquil) Lancelot, but I named a Miltank Guinevere. My cousin names Pokemon after DBZ characters, probably for laughs.
  7. Thanks anyway, clever planning enabled me to take down Archer's main threat with a Lv31 Shiny Gyrados. Sound familiar?
  8. I personally use my Master Ball on a roamer, or a Legendary, especially if it's laid the hurt on me.
  9. Most I can say is, get the Latios from an American HG via Enigma Stone Mystery Gift then trade it to your Japanese game. Sometimes it's better to do things legally. Alternately, the code itself can be incorrect. I don't know much, but that's all I can think of.
  10. Blastoise is a turtle with artillery built into its back. Artillery! *cue nuclear explosion*
  11. Hoenn was probably my favorite behind Johto, mainly because of the Pokemon. It felt a lot like Hawaii for some odd reason, and I'd never been to Hawaii.
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    Nice to see you too.
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