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  1. Ok, yeah, I got it to work now... I think, I THINK, that all I have to do is leave the PID thing blank when I save. I'm gonna try making more like that now.
  2. Ok guys, I've tried most of the solutions given to other people, but I still can't get Wi-Fi to accept my Pokemon. I really don't know what's wrong. I've set manual PID/IVs, automatic PID/IVs, and changed around where they were obtained. I figure, if one of you guys could figure out what I'm doing wrong, maybe I can fix all of them. [ATTACH]7649[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]7650[/ATTACH]
  3. If there is a Second form, and if it is just a hollow shell, then I think it would be cool if it attained the second form only when all three Dragons are in your party.
  4. Cocks just love ya.
  5. Make a .pkm file on Pokesav/Pokegen, then upload it.
  6. The adult Pokemon game kinda ruins the series for me. Instead, I would prefer a game where you play as a WILD pokemon in the human world, not a "civilized" pokemon in PMD world. Not that PMD wasn't good.
  7. I'm gonna get Pignite/Bacon/BBQ, unless his evo sucks. And if those leaked images were real (IF), then I would've gone with Wotter. I love me some Narwhal Bears!
  8. I think he looks really cool. I wasn't a fan of shaymin or jirachi, but this guy looks like somrthing I'd use in a battle!
  9. YO, Bassman, sory I haven't been on. My library had a Pokemon Tournement, and I just kinda forgot about this. I'm ready to trade whenever!
  10. This site keeps bugging out for me. Sorry for the double post!
  11. Time has changed nothing. My options are still a giant toad with a flower on it's back, a giant turlte with cannons on it's back, or dragon. I chose the simple, humble dragon. I mean, who wants to have cannons?:tongue:
  12. Well? Anyone gonna help or what? In other words: BUMP
  13. I'll miss my Mamoswine fallowing me around in Black and White.
  14. Oops! I forgot the moves! Here they are: Swampert: Rest, Earthquake, Sleep Talk, and Avalanche Celebi: Recover, Grass Knot, Leech Seed, Reflect, Hidden Power Ice Heatran: Metal Sound, Earth Power, Lava Plume, Hidden Power Grass Machamp: Dynamic Punch, Bullet Punch, Pay Back, Ice Punch Umbreon: Wish, Pay Back, Taunt, Toxic Togekiss: Flamethrower, Aura Sphere, Air Slash, Roost I hope some one will do this!
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