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  1. Overpowered / High Class / Middle Class / Low Class/Bottom Class
  2. Umbreon is a stall time. It is not meant to be strong. But i did use a raw power Umbreon once. It took forever to kill things.
  3. Blaziken Brave Nature Moveset ThunderPunch Reversal Sky Uppercut Blaze Kick I'm Planning to get rid of Some of these mobes Blastoise Brave Nature Mega Kick Waterfall Earthquake HydroCannon Please Rate them I have my doubts about them
  4. On guitar Sweet Emotion, Livin' on the edge, and draw the line. Also What I've Done. On OBOE Nothing really
  5. Okay this is about pwnage. JK. I'm really talking about racial discrimination and these di**heads who think that they are better than us is the f***ed up popularity chain. Opininons anyone?
  6. Fire Emblem. The game that is strategy. It's good but it's too plaugued with fangirls.=P:eek:
  7. Kind of a wonder. sry. Most of us will say gamer, nerd, or emo.
  8. Could someone give me a code to 1 change my name to Kill 2 Make me male
  9. The Crimson Fencer doesn't apreciate your typos...
  10. Goth rock, punk rock, Humor and Metal and rock! Aerosmith or ACDC?
  11. I kind of think this rule is funny when applied to things like hitting. We've always found a way around it.(Not to be sexist). The thing is that the rule is sexist thinking that girls are more delicate then men. Funny thing is that the amazons defied that. This ends up with the equal right rules and Blah.
  12. But know they don't. Personally I take advantage of this rule saying girls go to be executed first or savethe best for last
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