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  1. It's probably already been said, but Rocks, like any other entry hazard, hail, or sandstorm, effectively destroys the use of the Focus Sash. Granted, it's an annoying item to be used, but Rocks aren't all that hard to get rid of. Any team can benefit from a Starmie or a Forretress, two of the best Rapid Spinners in the game. Once you take out that Rocker, all you have to do is Spin them away and you're good for the rest of the game. If, that is, their team is not entirely based on entry hazard and weather damage. If your team suffers greatly from Stealth Rock damage, I would suggest switching some of those Flying-Type Pokemon for something better. Perhaps a Steelix would be a nice change of pace. tl;dr, only bad teams suffer a lot from Stealth Rock. No reason to ban it.
  2. So, yeah, I'm kinda in need of someone with a working Action Replay. That's basically it. Hi.
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