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  1. I recommend some other move instead of SR for you blissey, unless she's the only one on your team with SR. Aromatheraphy maybe?
  2. Gowon

    New to Pokegen

    Yea I've got a question too. I haven't played PKM after I finished B/W (J) a while back. Will the (U) B/W sav files work with beta or stable versions of the pokegen? I probably haven't touched pokegen in 5 months.
  3. Gowon

    Use on mac

    You can go try Parallels or BootCamp. I have Parallels on my Mac right now. (Been a long ass time since I posted here again )
  4. You can't have the same items on 2 pokemons. i.e leftovers on tyranitar and blissey on one team
  5. Gowon

    Random Wifi

    Trying editing the pokemon in the PC box. Don't edit the ones in your hand.
  6. Have you registered onto pokemon-gl? It's not your PK. I imported them to my save and they work perfectly fine.
  7. Just modified some things that I think were the problems. Try it out now. I didn't try it out myself as I'm doing other things, but it should work now. http://www.mediafire.com/?mlirlqkafygm652
  8. What about the main menu GL:Tournament Random Battle? I can't get into that one, but I can get into random battles in the Pokemon Center. Do I still get battle points if I play random battles in the pokemon center?
  9. Can anyone help me with Global Link? I've put in my Victini to sleep, but don't know how to "Game Sync". Plus, does anyone know the passwords for these events: http://www.serebii.net/blackwhite/dreamworldpokemon.shtml ? In general how do I sync my game up with the site?
  10. Is there an "Instant Egg from Daycare" code? I've yet to try out the "Instant Egg Hatch".
  11. @kaphotics Where can I find the Met Location of the PK? I've been trying to find it in my Eigakan Celebil both shifted & non-shifted (using Kazo's little program).
  12. Crown Suicune, Box 3, Sot 2, [select] to Activate Doesn't activate the event, with the name and OT being totally screwed up.
  13. I'm trying to add AR codes to my patch version of Black, but won't recognize them. I'm using my Acekard2i. I've already added the same codes to my clean version of Black. Was there something change ie. Game code/Game ID during translation?
  14. What's the Game Code and Game ID for Black and White? I'm trying to add codes to my AR Code Manager. Edit: Would these codes work with the English Patch V2? I'm trying to add them using my Acekard2i and won't recognize them. I've already add the codes to my clean Black version and they work fine.
  15. I've applied the patch to my PKM Black and talked to some PKM trainers, yet it's not in English. Is this just me or did I patch it wrong? Menus and NPC are in English most of the time.
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