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  1. Why won't the fast egg hatch (12029318 000020FE) work anymore on my hg?
  2. @ powerless soul. The wondercard gives you the wondercard for the event + the actual gift itself. So there is no need to combine them
  3. Speaking of deoxys, can someone make me the codes for all forms of the pokemon ranger deoxys to be picked up @ the pokemart ?
  4. Can anyone make the current event celebi to be picked up @ the pokemart?
  5. Is there anyway to have a fast egg hatch with a trigger?
  6. Can you make a ar code for the current celebi event going on? So it can be picked up from the pokemart. For English heart gold
  7. Sorry for the double post, but I have a event code for English Platinum version Eruption Heatran Press L+R outside the pokemart.
  8. Uh, you can't go to the kanto in plat, not even with ar codes.
  9. You need to have done cresselias event first @ cloud
  10. Thanks alot now just need the other ones Edit: Btw, you can replace the first 2 lines of the codes with this: 94000130 FCFF0000
  11. That's not the code I asked for.
  12. you are aware that there are no legitimate flying and surfing pikachu's, right?
  13. Can someone make me the codes to pick up various pokemon from the pokemart for English Platinum or English HeartGold(using L + R), and no, I don't want the wondercards themselves, I just want the pokemon. The list: 2009 Japanese Birthday Pikachu All forms of the Ranger Deoxys The Crown legandary dogs Goon's Scizor
  14. Is there any fast egg hatch codes with a trigger?
  15. Can someone make a fast egg hatch code that takes about 100-150 steps?
  16. Can someone please make these for me, just pm or preferably, vm me if you do them/get them done. And i've given the details for the hex values Thank You in advance
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