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  1. Could try not hacking as an alternative.
  2. It's becoming somewhat of a tradition, they had them as DP events, then early BW events, so why not repeat for XY?
  3. This has a completely illegal encounter type, and yet...
  4. Sucks that we will have to SR for good IVs + nature, but otherwise, interesting event. Is there any information on whether Hold Back is a physical or special move (the name sounds like a physical move, but who knows with Gamefreak).
  5. Would have been to easy to make it hold a Garchompite.
  6. Any reason for twelve, or that's just the number they pulled out of a hat?
  7. If it can learn the move in a previous generation, then it won't show up as being hacked as long as the Pokemon in question originates from that generation. For example: https://www.pokecheck.org/?p=detail&uid=3483893 My Metagross has four moves it can only learn in Generation 3, but they all show up as valid, since they're possible moves on this particular Metagross.
  8. Kind of a weird error, but for these: https://www.pokecheck.org/?pk=6365691 https://www.pokecheck.org/?pk=6365690 Pokecheck is displaying the wrong ribbon for the Pokemon (should be the Battle Champion one instead of Marine )
  9. How about you stop hacking, and clogging the thread with non-issues?
  10. This has an illegal egg move combination - the only valid parent for Clear Smog is Weezing, which is unable to learn Disable. Several other Pokemon receive Clear Smog as an egg move, along with Disable, but as only Weezing can pass it on in the first place, none can pass both at the same time.
  11. That's because they haven't been added to the legality analysis, nothing more.
  12. Just add the items you wish to retain to the code.
  13. Apparently you still haven't realized that anything on the internet (such as information on how to RNG abuse) is freely available to all ages (despite age restrictions; it's not hard for someone to lie about their age). Searching "Pokemon RNG abuse" in google brings up Smogon's page as the first result. So really, it's incredibly easy to find the information, and with the ease of RNG abuse in Generation 5, it's not unreasonable for someone who is twelve years or younger to figure it out. There is literally no way for them to tell the difference, and they won't ever be able to. All RNGed Pokemon are generated legitimately through the game, and are exactly the same as a random Pidove caught on Route 3 in terms of legitimacy. There's a big difference between the two. Legitimate means it was generated by the game itself, whereas legal encompasses anything from the game itself, and anything created externally by a program such as Pokegen that could be possible in the game. One could even argue that due to the terrible Nintendo hack checkers, that anything that passes those is legal, such as Sejun's Follow Me Magmar he used recently (Despite being completely impossible to get such a spread for it).
  14. What the hell are you talking about? Juniors are just as capable of RNG abuse as other people, and in fact, many of them do themselves.
  15. RNG abused Pokemon are allowed, since they are generated by the game legitimately, and as such, is no different than one caught randomly (in terms of legality). Furthermore, flawless Pokemon aren't exclusive to RNG abuse; it's perfectly possible to obtain a flawless Pokemon without RNG abuse.
  16. Notice how it says "Hacked/Event only (6)? Read the event part of that carefully. Also, it says (6) because Pay Day's index number is 6.
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