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  1. Are there any Rebattle codes for Kyurem that actually work on Black? 52014308 42112001 1201430C 0000D100 94000130 FFFA0000 1201430C 000046C0 D2000000 00000000 This one doesn't work
  2. It appears every month except winter according to Bulbapedia. At any rate, thanks for fixing it!
  3. for some reason the it says unknown location on my Tranquil, despite it being RNG abused, and caught on route 6. also, can you change the box views to display the correct forms of the pokemon?
  4. So you can just receive it over the wifi? Good, that's a huge improvement imo.
  5. I've noticed a problem relating to first stage pokes, and their legality displays For example; http://www.pokecheck.org/?p=detail&uid=537645 Ralts doesn't get Psycho Cut, yet it says it can be inherited. (it can't) I also noticed it with a (again hacked) Growlithe that knew ExtremeSpeed, the legality checker said it was inherited, but it can't actually.
  6. Agreeing with xfr. And please don't vote for stupid shit that's already available.
  7. Has anyone made a working code to view egg contents? If not, could someone?
  8. Are there any marking codes to remove ribbons? If not, can someone please make one?
  9. Is there a code that allows you to view egg contents yet? If so, can someone post it?
  10. I don't know if anyone is interested in any of these, but if they are, they're as follows; 5th Gen .pkm..zip
  11. can i get mine changed to Agonist please? E: Thank you to whomever changed it
  12. with a ditto it is, but you won't get a dream world ability
  13. @ Gothic Togekiss; first off welcome to Project Pokemon, and secondly, as far as I know he updates it every time he updates the distribution.
  14. damn those eevee's look nice Infi! And congrats Bond on the promotion!
  15. they max out at 510, but anyway, for every 4 evs your pokemon gets +1 in whatever stat your training it in (it may not be visible right off).
  16. Out of curiosity, how come your Deino doesn't display any information from when it was recieved from the daycare? Was it an issue with using Pokegen to clone?
  17. dude you don't need to keep bumping the thread every 45 minutes
  18. Are there any other cloning codes besides the select one? For whatever reason it randomly stopped working.
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