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  1. That would be amazing and it really does seem like they're picking up the pace this 5th generation. A 3DS game by 2013 wouldn't surprise me because of this and the fact that developers work and plan ahead when releasing for a new console. You know, beta work and ideas to slowly start putting things up. 5th Gen for me was the best and I hope Genesect gets some exclusive moves!
  2. You need 2 DS/DSi/3DS/3DS XL systems. One with a Black/White game (Every language version works) and the other with Black 2/White 2. Go to Download Software in the system with Black/White and in Black 2/White 2 go to the Memory Link. In Memory Link select the Wireless option and it will emit a signal for the other DS to receive the software. Accept everything the DS's tells you to do and in a few seconds your Black 2/White 2 will be updated the following: The protagonist's name from Black/White is referenced in a few cutscenes only available by doing this. Event battles. Characters refer
  3. A special Lucario is now available on the Pokémon Dream World. Visit your closest Target store and purchase a specially marked Pokémon Black & White Version that will include a unique serial inside. Special Move: Bullet Punch Obtainable through a one use only password. -- Lucario Lv. 10 Ability: Justified • Raises Attack when hit by a Dark-type move. Gender: ?? Nature: Random Date: Any Location: Entree Forest Met at Lv. 10 • Detect Power: -- Accuracy: -- It enables the user to evade all attacks. Its chance of failing rises if it is used in succession. • Metal Claw Powe
  4. Available from December 15th, 2011 - January 10th, 2012 You can download these 2 special Pokémon depending on your Japanese Version: Tornadus for Pokémon White Version Thundurus for Pokémon Black Version ----- Tornadus Lv. 70 OT: ミロスとう ID: 12161 SID: Ability: Prankster • Gives priority to a status move. Nature: Random Date: 12/15/2011 Location: Pokémon Event Fateful Encounter at Lv. 70 Item: Revival Herb • A very bitter medicinal herb. It revives a fainted Pokémon, fully restoring its HP. Gift Ribbon: Wishing Ribbon • A Ribbon said to make your wish come true. • Hur
  5. Available on France until June 30th, 2012. RE-RELEASE: Also Available on English games until June 26th, 2012. Straight out of the movie with the move V-create, this Victini will bring victory after victory! Fire Up Your Party with Victini! Get Victini with exclusive moves to celebrate the Victory Pokémon’s role in the new Pokémon movies! Victini, the star of the new Pokémon the Movie: Black—Victini and Reshiram and Pokémon the Movie: White—Victini and Zekrom movies, can be yours! Get Victini via a special Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection® distribution event* for your Pokémon Black Version or Poké
  6. From September 18th to 25th, 2011 you'll be able to receive Zoroark with the special move Snarl at American Toysrus's. Add the illusive Pokémon Zoroark to your party when you visit Toys“R”Us! Between September 18th and 25th, visit Toys“R”Us to get Zoroark via a special distribution. This Lv. 50 Zoroark is special in a number of ways—it knows the exclusive move Snarl, and it comes in a Cherish Ball, showing the unique effort you put into receiving the Pokémon. Be sure to bring your system from the Nintendo DS™ family or Nintendo 3DS™ system and your copy of Pokémon Black Version or Pokémo
  7. The password is: ZoroarkMonth11 http://www.pokemon.com/us/content/sweepstakes/
  8. I recently caught a Legit Shiny Scraggy on Pokémon White (UK) but I don't have the necessary tools to transfer it to my Retail Game. If anyone could help me using my SAV File on an R4 to trade it to me.. I would appreciate it. PM me if you could help me with this. Thanks!
  9. I just thought he wouldn't want a lot of people to have the sav but if he wants to give them away then it's fine with me. No hard feelings!
  10. I'd really like to get a hand on one of those sav's since they're very hard to find. I won't redistribute the sav since I don't prefer CLONED Pokémon. I hope you'll please send it. Thanks!
  11. I Have These Fire Red IN-GAME TRADED Pokémon: MIMIEN: MR. MIME ZYNX: JYNX NINA: NIDORINA MARC: EVOLVED INTO LICKILICKY TANGENY: EVOLVED INTO TANGROWTH SEELOR: EVOLVED INTO DEWGONG I Pal Parked Them To An English Heart Gold. Then Traded Them To An English-Patched Heart Gold (J) Because I'm Using An R4. I Took The Sav File & Coverted It So Pokésav Would Accept It. But When I Checked Them In The Legalty Checker They Had Invalid Trash Bytes. Also, NINA Was Unknown GBA Type. Which Is Wierd Because It's An IN-GAME TRADED Pokémon. So I'm Wondering If This Is Normal or Not! Any Help Her
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