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  1. Depending on your version of windows, you may have an application called Magnifier installed. This may help with your specific needs. I know it's with Win7, not sure if it was included with Vista or earlier though. Easy way to check if you have it [at least with Win7 and Vista] is type magnifier in the Search Programs & File dialog box on the start menu.
  2. Can certainly understand the need/desire with the project, and good luck with it. Only thing I want to mention is that requiring money [as opposed to asking for donations] for the program paints a target on the project. IANAL and all that. [ edit ] To clarify though, there are other businesses/entities that similarly charge for access to trainers and the like, just being overly cautious I imagine.
  3. I personally use the fix to boot up Win7 in test mode so it can load unsigned drivers. And it works, just has that annoying test mode waterbug going on. I typically use my laptop instead because of that hassle. It works pretty well for me though.
  4. Most likely, the rolling blackouts are anticipated to extend through Summer at least in Tokyo. Mostly due to Tokyo using a different power rate than the rest of the country .
  5. The ARDSi I don't think can deal with the saves of HG/SS and B/W. So you'll prolly need to get something like the NDS Adapter Plus. In general though, to move stuff from the ARDSi to the PC and back I suggest using the microsd. The cable for the ARDSi is annoying painful to use. With NDS Adapter Plus, you have to plug the adapter into your pC on a usb port and use it's associated software to copy the save data over to the PC and back.
  6. At least in my experience, it doesn't tend to track sporadic movement that well [i pace alot, and it doesn't tend to detect my pacing as steps unless I am pacing for a while]. I imagine this is partly to keep it from getting false positives. So I wouldn't really be surprised if it didn't play well with sports either.
  7. CycloDS's save files are editable [rather easily] by pokesav. You can also use the 3in1 tool to dump / restore a save from a retail cart as well. The caveat here is Heart Gold/Soul Silver. Due to the RF transmitter, there isn't an easy way to get save files off those two retail carts. To use the CycloDS's cheat functions, you have to using the flashcart to play the game [which isn't bad, the CycloDS has some really nice compatibility]. You can dump the retail to the flashcart also using the 3in1 tool [again if you have a 3in1]. However, you're really better served looking at Cyclo's forum and such for explanation of those processes. You'll need to get a 3in1 as well I believe if you want to take a retail cart save and manipulate it. Also you're going to see a microSD reader for your computer, not really too bad but it's something to remember you need. Although, the 3in1 does have a tool to ftp it wirelessly, I really did not like using it [and it destroys the battery life even more]. [ edit ] Quick add edit. If you have a DSi, CycloDS won't work. I don't know diddly about the DSi solutions. Also. If you have a DS fat, it will prolly be difficult to find a full-size 3in1.
  8. http://techforums.nintendo.com/message/1953 Not the answer you were looking for I'm sure. I'd suggest calling nintendo's cust support or emailing them. 1-800-255-300, Mon-Sun 6am to 7pm pacific.
  9. Palkia, something funny about that huge pokemon just following you around.
  10. I don't use it myeslf, mostly as I perfer the theory of saving it for 'something special', which will never really happen. There's never really likly to be a scenario where there's no real opportunity to soft-reset if ultra ball/fast ball/dusk ball doesn't work out. [ edit ] Although, I say that as I remember I have a Dialga that was caught with a Masterball, but that was something someone freebie traded me before they reset their cart. Course, I rag them about it too.
  11. My first [and only, except for Red Gyrados] was a Tentacruel on route 250. His name is Awesome, just because he's Awesome. And he likes to run away.
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