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  1. I saw this on Serebii.net today
  2. I've been using Pokésav for about two weeks now without any trouble but I can't seem to get these guys to pop out as anything but hacked in the legality checker. :\ They're both real pokémon but I edited their IVs. Afterwards I generated new Pokemon IDs but it's just not taking for me. I'd appreciated any help, thanks! Ditto.pkm Lopunny - Lucy.pkm
  3. When this sort of question comes up there's always those who think it's insane to get emotionally attached to things that, quite frankly, don't exist. But my reply to that is that fictional characters of all sorts are not things nature/God intended for humans to deal with. So it's to be expected that we might get attached to things that 'don't really exist'. It just all falls under the category of suspension of disbelief. To a certain extent the ability to set aside reality and willingly engage in fantasy is a sign of a healthy mind (I've head that some hardened criminals on death row are unable to do this even if they're just watching a play). Now, should someone think their Pokémon are truly alive and just trapped in their cartridges that person would have some... um, issues with reality. But no one in this thread so far has shown signs of that. Getting attached to fictional characters = totally healthy in moderation. So yeah, I am attached to a few of my Pokémon. My LeafGreen cartridge has been missing for two years now and I miss my Charizard terribly despite having raised another Charizard on FireRed On that game I also have a Pikachu and a Goldeen I used to beat the Elite Four because I couldn't bare to evolve them. It seems that I moved over my Bellossom from that game over to Colosseum and I was thrilled when I figured out how to clone her so I could use her in SSilver ♥ I'm more attached to Pokémon I've spent a lot of time on. I've got a Gengar I raised from a baby on his home cartridge. Took forever @_0 I like that dude LOTS.
  4. I don't understand why Mystery Dungeon is so popular. When the first one can out I bought the DS version but it seemed like every mission was 'go to a dungeon and get this pokémon/item'. The Dungeon parts weren't any fun, there wasn't much of a reward for completing the missions, and the plot was non-existent. I keep thinking there must be more to these games than I saw or they wouldn't keep making them. I sold mine three weeks later so it's not like I can pick it up to double-check. I love Ranger: Shadows of Almia, though. Super charming. And I love walking around with my huuuuge pokémon entourage. I bought the first game but I haven't played it yet, can't wait for Tracks of Light to come to the US.
  5. My first shiny was either my lileep (it's male and I actually thought about retrying for a female for a split second) or my koffing duo. I was in that tunnel you have to go through in R/S/E before you get the glasses so you can run thruogh the desert and a shiny koffing popped up, I caught it. Another pokemon popped up and I fainted it, but then! another shiny koffing wandered by. And I caught it! It was freaky. I thought it might have been a glitch and they were really clones of one another but they have different natures. I haven't trained them because I was scared of not teaching them good enough moves. By the time I caught my shiny ratfata in FireRed I was over that and I trained Sprinkles as part of my main party. It was kinda cool because I'd never thought to train a rattata before. Up until a certain point in the game it's a really good monster to have on your team. And aside from the recent event Pichu those are literally the only shinies I have :\ I have 400 hours across D/P/P and SS. Never seen a shiny in any of those games.
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