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  1. guys i got the problem solved. i bought ardsi and updated firmware. worked perfectly
  2. hey guys. i have a problem with my ards. i cant upgrade it to the 1.71 firmware, its gen 2, and it says its not a firmware file. im using a nintendo ds lite. what i was thinking is, if i can upgrade to 1.60 then 1.71 it might work. but ive scoured the internet for a download of the 1.60 but i simply cant find one. if anyone has one please post it on this thread. but i also have a question, could i buy an ardsi use it on my ds lite with pokemon black and white and would it work ? please help im really lost.
  3. can someone please post the english code for how to clone pokemon in hg/ ss
  4. do these rebattling codes work for the english versions of hg/ss?
  5. i also have a request too please, it would b very nice if you could make a code that allows you to keep battle factory pokemon plz n ty =]
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