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  1. Ahh, I see. My thoughts were that B/W were based off DP
  2. Pokemon White U - titledemo.narc Why does it have the Japanese Diamond Logo in it? And the Pearl
  3. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/20617046/DoubleTripleTeam.7z these are the pokemon that i currently have I need teams for mainly double triple battles Items and movesets can be changed.
  4. I think its either entralink or entree forest i believe its the forest because thats where they appear
  5. For trash bytes. I do the program and it then it becomes legal. But once it goes into pokegen, and the trash bytes disappear? What do i do. Must i switch to pokesav Platinum?
  6. Wait so when u transfer hatched pokemon to b/w it still show up as it was hatched?
  7. Thanks for advice about nicknames But imeant when creating pokemon to make them seem transferred do they need a gen iv PID?
  8. just want to make sure Does this check iff u have legal movesets Does it tell u if it needs to be from an egg
  9. The leave pid field blank doesnt seem to work with transferred pokemon Also... Will a pokemon be illegal if i just change the nick and original trainer names and leave out the wiered eschange sequence stuff
  10. Well, Codr does this all for free so I respect his decision. Just trying to make a suggestion.
  11. Ahh... I see. I suppose one could always open up pokemon online next to pokegen
  12. Are u sure this is right because if it was for b/w it would have (poketransfer) as the location
  13. There should be a option for legal mode like the Pokemon Online checker thing where the only abilities/moves it can have are legal ones and it will automatically detect if it has to be poke-transfered or created from egg. This would help many people a lot. Edit: I'm not sure if this is against the posting rules for being legality related but is is related to the program. If a moderator thinks this thread should not be here please move/delete and/or clarify why.
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