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User Contributed RAM edits and cheat files

Other RAM cheats uploaded by various users. Do share your cheat files with everyone here!

Warning: There is always a possibility that the cheats write a value to your saves that normally shouldn't be there, and such value gets picked up. Use at your own risk!

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  1. Pokémon Dash Event & Unused Cup Courses (AR Codes)

    Since there is currently no way to edit Pokémon Dash save files, I made some Action Replay codes to replay these old forgotten events!

    Official event cups recreations:
    - Poképark 4-Forms Deoxys Cup | OT: ポケパーク (Poképark)
    - World's Hobby Fair Munchlax Cup | OT: WHF
    - Nintendo World Store Munchlax Cup | OT: NWS
    Unused cups:
    - 4-Forms Deoxys Cup (English name) | OT: PPorg
    - Flying Pikachu Cup | OT: PPorg
    - Surfing Pikachu Cup | OT: PPorg
    - Egg Cup | OT: PPorg
    - "??" Cup | OT: PPorg
    In order to play these courses, you will have to move the cheat file to Desmume's cheats folder, rename the cheat file or the ROM to match their names, and choose the cup slot for each course. Note that you will need to have the Special Cups option in your save file. Only the European version is currently supported.


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