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  1. Thank you for the exhaustive answer. Yes i' m very excited to play 1, 3, in fact I' m waiting for it, insterad of starting the 1,2, and not only because of alolan vulpix - which of cours I'll chose. I played Skyes so much time, that I wanted to change, that is the only reason why I asked if there would be Espurr as an option. But i think I can do with chikorita, That pokemon I never played in my time, Especially if Meganium will know some fairy movers. p.s . I Was talking abiuto Explorers of Hell, not Skies, but I let it go because it was not my kind of game.
  2. Can I ask a Question? Will Espurr be available as a starner/partner in the 1,3 update ? I Ask because there are other versions of pmd explorers of sky where there is this option . Thank you and i Can' t wait to play the new versione,
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