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  1. Hey, nice job on this room hack, creating a whole new experience and making every "not so great" aspect of the game gone and adding so much great stuff like the manual mode. I.Q. gained from gummies faster, lots of improvements from abilities So just wanna write some suggestions for you, not sure how you can modify the game or if it's possible but well if it can give you more idea to improve it, why not. - Tactics meeting - Avoid the first hit : Due to the fact that pokemons are spawning very faster, sometimes you got situation that you loose more time to deal with pokemons when your team try to join you back and a pokemon come again to the room. I wonder if it's possible that "Avoid the first hit tactic" use the "let's go together tactic" and trying to avoid the first hit at the same time. Like they won't go after ennemies more than X tiles - Scouting : Why not if you decide to use "You go the other way tactic" make the map be revealed by all your teammate. Because you can actually do it by checking your position manually. Maybe it could be an IQ skill for all pokemons. But don't reveal items because actually that the job of X-Ray specs. - About helding items, could be an great idea if some items like the X-Ray/Google specs give his effect to the leader if it's hold by one member of your team I don't have finished with the main story so I should come back for more.
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