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  1. Moar tools, MUCH faster tech support. https://gbatemp.net/threads/release-pokemon-injection-via-spider3dstools.379692/page-4#post-5307041
  2. It's a bug in the program. From the looks of the errors, it should be a trivial, "DOH!" fix.
  3. Okay, gonna need some help. This is on an actual cart, for ADV OU. Here's what I have: SnorlaXBOX (Snorlax) @ Leftovers Ability: Thick Fat Nature: Adamant IVs: 31/31/31/10/31/30 EVs: 118/68/136/0/176/20 - Curse - Body Slam - Earthquake - Rest SnorlaXBOX really rocks in the Battle Tower, even making a surprisingly good lead. In fact, he got me 105 straight wins (and counting!). He switches in on special hits, sponges them, and proceeds to set up. Purty (Swampert) @ Leftovers Ability: Torrent Nature: Relaxed IVs: 31/31/30/31/31/30 EVs: 250/0/220/40/0/0 - Earthquake - I
  4. It is not known how. Also, transferring saves between carts and an emu can cause certain time-based events to cease to function. For example, the lottery woman always tells me to come back tomorrow, but the Pacifidlog TM guy gives me TMs every week and counts the days right. The most annoying part is that my apprentice never appears in the battle tower anymore.
  5. Searching both Emerald and Dead Battery RS, from frames 1 to 999999999 (or whatever the max is), no flawless frames appear from Method 1 through Method H-4. How do you explain that? Elgyems?
  6. Fishaman P

    GBA Mew Wanted!

    I just need a legitimate Mew from any GBA game. IVs and EVs do not matter, although I wouldn't be opposed to a better one. :smile: Can be special events (MYSTRY, etc.) or Old Sea Map Mews (JAPANESE ONLY). We can set up a trade through VBA-Link or just post the .3gpkm for Enciclopedia Pokemon.
  7. I don't think you get it. Even leaving shinyness out of the equation, RNG Reporter isn't equipped to handle extremely high frames, and a flawless frame doesn't appear within its current limits.
  8. I like my game to look totally legit. I refuse to hack anything that might make an impossible situation, such as having an English Mew from Emerald, or modifying my PIDs or IVs. So, if I don't find a way to get the ticket in my bag (and have the game recognize it WITHOUT CODES ACTIVE), I'm just gonna skip out on Deoxys.
  9. HELL NO. Even searching in the thousands of hours range, RNG Reporter can't find a flawless Pokemon through any method but breeding. Even if such a frame were found, you'd practically have to edit the SID of either your character or Deoxys for it to be shiny. But yeah, as soon as I find out a way to spoof the Mystery Gift, that shiny is MINE.
  10. The first instance of the link works for me. Anyway, a post THAT old basically proves he's not some troll with a GS.
  11. Just checked. The lottery woman still hates me, but the Pacifidlog TM guy seems to have a calendar, as he changed from saying 7 days to saying 6, and now 5.
  12. I have loaded up the save in VBA-M with RTC enabled, but never saved, and certainly never restored it back to my cart after being touched by that filthy inaccurate piece of software. Also, my saves have only been restored to their original cart. I don't like people copying my l33t mons. But it's weird that the clock still moves as normal...
  13. So... case closed? The impossible is possible?! YAY! Now I just need some codes to activate the WC...
  14. This is WEIRD. First off, I know all the signs of the Berry Glitch, but this is different. My Ruby and Sapphire both fell victim and were patched, although my Ruby's battery is dead now. Anyway, I got a used Emerald cart about 2 months ago with about 80:00 on it. I myself have about 50:00 on it so far. I know the cart is legit; there are no saving problems, and the PCB is correct and everything. Lately though, strange things have been happening: While the clock in my room works fine and shows the correct time, the Lilycove Lottery lady keeps telling me to come back tomorrow, even 2 days
  15. ...The text is good? As in, the AURORATICKET WC actually says green when the guy is blue?
  16. Alright. At this point, I think we can safely say that the Aurora Ticket on a US Emerald can be legit, but there are very few in existence. It's just a question of whether the Wonder Card on the uploaded save is legit. It's not typical of Nintendo to make colorblind mistakes...
  17. Gonna check this for legitness. This could be HUGE! EDIT: Something about this is fishy. Since his other 2 games were French, shouldn't the Wonder Card be in French? Also, the Wonder Card says something about a "delivery person in green", but I can only see the blue guy. I've never actually used the Mystery Gift, so someone else will have to confirm this. Finally, why are there two exclamation marks? I'm not ruling this as a phony, but I personally doubt the legitimacy. As the save file is only 2 badges in, I didn't check whether the ticket is recognized at either harbor.
  18. Sorry, couldn't quite understand that. If you need the GBA dumper, it's right here.
  19. Do you have a way to dump your save? If not, I will gladly fund either the purchase of a DS flashcart (to dump the save), or two-way postage to send any applicable carts for me to dump. (I am not a thief, I had my Emerald stolen years back, I know how terrible that feels. I also have my own Emerald and FireRed now, so I'm not missing out.) I can also mix records with you to give you the Eon Ticket from my US e-Reader; I couldn't tell if you already had one. PM me if you are interested in bringing legal Emerald Deoxys to the rest of the world! EDIT: Sorry, forgot to mention I live in the
  20. A Starmie just passed with these seemingly contradictory notes: Starmie\xFFFF\x0200\x0000\xFFFF This Pokémon was evolved after being transfered to gen 5. Found valid gen 4 trash bytes from original name "STARMIE".
  21. Yeah... A Level 100 Porygon-Z just failed the check because Tri-Attack was detected as a hacked move. In Gen V. P.S. It learns it at 51.
  22. So, you're just saying that I should find the move in the ROM, modify the bytes following the identifier, and that'll do it? That works, although a tool would still be much easier.
  23. I'm afraid you lost me there. Is that the source code or something?
  24. No thanks. I'd even be willing to hex edit, if that's possible!
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