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  1. I know this is pretty late, but has the crashing problem for Red / Blue Rescue Team ever been solved yet? Cause I want my hero to be a Celebi, but the game still crashes when the sprite tries to make certain movements.
  2. Changing the pallete for the female border to the male one would be a good option indeed. Still, I was just curious if it could be implemented with a code fix since I would have to do that for each rom hack I create! ^^
  3. This is really amazing. I waited 10 years for mystery dungeon rom hacks. I was only wondering though. When I try to change my hero into a legendary / genderless pokemon, the screen frames become pink (this happens when you access the dungeons). Now I know that this shouldn't really be much of a problem, but is there a way that the screen frames remains being blue when your hero is genderless?
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