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  1. Thanks for the very detailed explanation, I think I understand a little better the generation mechanism, if the window of available PIDs is so small, it is very unlikely that there is a shiny one, but it could be, of course. You say only 255, but if I create one that looks legit, I understand that just by looking at the PID you could check that it doesn't match the supposed limited seed. Anyway the anti-shiny seems to me a very rudimentary procedure but that way it could be effective. I would like to know a bit more about the back-end of event distribution and triggering, it has always
  2. Thank you, i see. But how it is know that the distribution cartridges have shiny-lock?, the celebi Mintsurin/10ANNIV and PokéPark cartdriges are no revealed yet. Perhaps they are similar to the Aura Mew or the 10ANNIV without Celebi?
  3. I thought that the event pokemons can not be shiny because their have the same PIDs but it seems that every time that you take a pokemon via event a new set of IVs are generated automatically. Also the GameCube in game events. So it is possible get a legit shiny Celebi? I talk about 10ANIV or AGETO Celebis for example, because Jirachi CAN be Shiny.
  4. It's something I've always speculated on. The underground is very interesting. Exclusivity for the Japanese people. Too many missed events.
  5. It is curious that all the events are perfectly translated, the icons and absolutely all the aspects that have to do with events that never happened. For example everything that has to do with the Old Sea Map, the whole story is translated in ESP version, when injected with WCTool (https://github.com/projectpokemon/Gen3-WCTool) In addition, all objects are available as the Mystic Ticket and the Old Sea Map even if they could not be obtained in some versions. Why does this happen? Did they plan to launch it at some point or did the translators just miss the whole script and tra
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