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  1. It's prob cause ur using an ARDSi and not a normal AR. Nearly all of these codes are for the AR and not the DSi. Here u go. Press L+R and then go into ur TM pocket. Note: This will delete everything in the pocket, including the HM's. Black Version White Version I don't know how many time I've answered this one. Use these codes. They work perfectly. If they don't then u aren't using them correctly. Hold L and then go to ur trainer card. As soon as u flip it, let go of the L button. Now look for the number and either write them down or remember them. Now look at one of the Pokemon that u captured in game. If the numbers from the trainer card are different from the Pokemon's numbers that the ones from the Trainer card are ur SID. Simple Here is White first: Now Black Codes like these take time to create. There are many variables to consider when making a code like this. One should be made soon, but until then, BE PATIENT!. I know u asked for this code like a month ago or something, but the code makers do have busy lives. As soon as one is made it will be uploaded.
  2. The champion is really tough unless u don't have some pokemon with an advantage over his. Since three of his pokemon are weak against Fire, I would suggest I fire type like maybe Charizard or a Flareon. A Fighting type Pokemon like maybe a Machamp or a Lucario would also benefit u here when u face his Vanilluxe or his Bouffalant. For his Volcarona I would use a Water Pokemon like Mantine since it has double advantage against it because it's two types out class it's two types. Like Wraith89, my pokemon were under-leveled when I fought him. My team consisted of Serperior, Glaceon, Raichu, Blastoise, Haxorus and Metagross, it was a tough battle and alot of items were used but I beat him eventually. Hope that helped.
  3. Here u go. There is no activation so it should just happen for u. Credits to original makers. Black Version White Version 999 Rare candies (code is for both games) (L+R then check the medicine pouch. It may delete the first item in the slot...try before saving to see what it does) You use the WPM to generate the evolved pokemon and then u catch it. It is perfectly legal like dsa says as long as u don't tamper with the IV's / EV's of it. I use it to catch Conkeldurr and Gigalith all the time. Did u use the code that I posted for u? It's in the request thread. Try it and lemme know if it works or not. Why don't u just use the EXP multiplier and level up your pokemon? That way you won't be catching illegal pokemon and your own pokemon will get trained... I suggest using the x32 one to level them up fast but not too fast. But it's up to u.
  4. What events are u after? U mean like Shaymin and Victini?
  5. Here is the wild Pokemon Modifier. It works for both Black and White. Credits to original makers. Wild Pokemon Modifier Press L+R to gain 649 Master Balls and 100 Ultra Balls. Toss the ball amount, with the amount of Master Balls being the National Dex ID of the Pokemon you want and the amount of Ultra Balls being the level of it. Press Select when you're done, then encounter a Pokemon in the wild. This code may not work with some Pokemon (e.g. Zekrom, Resharim, Victini). lol oh well then, glad u got it working.
  6. Don't know if there is one. I'll have a look around for one. EDIT: Here try this one. Credits to original makers NOTE: You must mark the pokemon with all the symbols INSIDE the PC. Don't use with any other code. You may have to mark the Pokemon twice. So mark it once and try it out and if doesn't work, do it again and it should work White version (Change the xx with the number of the ability) Black Version (Change xx with ability number) Ability List View Secret ID (White Version) (Hold L when going into Trainer card and let go. Flip card to view SID) View IV's & EV's (L or R to view either or. Press start to return to normal view) Black Version View SID. Same activation as White version View IV's/EV's. (L/R/ start to return to normal view)
  7. Here u go. Try this. They appear in box 13, slots 1-3. Press L+R. Code is for HG + SS. Haven't tested them so I don't know if they are shiny or not. Lemme know.
  8. Thanx alot dude. Again Kudos to u.
  9. I'm working on it. Should have it up 2morrow. Don't know yet if it will give the actual wondercard....I'll test them out and post them if they actually give the card.
  10. Here u go. I made it with Pokesav.
  11. I don't bother with the hex values when I make Pokemon, except from the dream world. I know that when u make a DW pokemon, u change the 42h from 0 to 01 and that makes it appear legit. Other than that, the pokemon always show up perfectly when I make them. Maybe ur ID or SID is wrong. Also, the game the pokemon comes from plays a part. If making one for black, select native to black. Your gamer name has to be imputed as it appears in game. Gender etc also plays a part in making them successful. For victini, you will have to use the wild pokemon modifier and catch a wild one and then release it again to make one show in the pokedex if u have used a code to generate one. The code doesn't work. Try this one instead. Credits to original makers. Same activation as above Black version White version Re-Activate Starter Event (Select+L+A), Clean the Messy Room (Select+L+B) (White version) Black Version NOTE: I haven't tested these. Taken from gbatemp. Credits to original makers.
  12. Thanx alot. Fantastic. Kudos truly mate. Could u possible make another one? All it has to say if Gr8trainer in the middle, same font as before surround by some pokemon? The pokemon are Blastoise, Raichu and Haxorus Also, can the text be above the sprite for the male beginning trainer in Unova? Background: Either flames or water Thanx alot.
  13. Hey could I have one made too please? I would like one with Cynthia and Alder and their strongest pokemon. For Cynthia that would be Garchomp and for Alder that would be Volcarona. Can Cynthia be on the left with Garchomp behind her and Alder on the right with Volcarona behind him and in the middle of the two could you add this text: "the greatest two" in Gabriola font. The background....can it be either a sea blue or flames please?
  14. Sorry, I uploaded only one version of the code. Here is the one for White version. Same activation as Black As for the season's, they rotate alot quicker in the games that in real life....as you've probably seen. Within a year of our time, I think the game will go through every season at least once. I think u may have to keep using the season codes to make it stay in a permanent season.
  15. Try this one. It worked for me. Press L+R and go into the Pokemart to pick it up. Then go Goldenrod city and collect the Gracedia flower. Must have the Nat Dex to obtain the flower first. Shaymin must also be in the first slot in the party Credits to the original makers. Code is for HG + SS
  16. if that was directed at me....as u can see I cleaned up my posts lol Here is a code for a Douse Drive. Press L+R. The code is for black and white. NOT TESTED! Test it out first and if it works the way u want it to, then save. But check everything before saving. As for the in game trade evolution thing......why not just use the wild pokemon modifier in the place where u catch the basic evolution of the pokemon? for example, Gigalith. That is Roggenrola's final form, so why not use the pkmn modifier and catch Gigalith in Wellspring cave at route 3 at the same level the basic form appears and train it up? It will still pass legal checks Simple really!
  17. Like DSA says, have a look around before asking for codes. Simple really. If u can't find later on, lemme know and I'll get one for u.
  18. Have u used ur own SID? All Pokemon that u are making have to have ur Secret ID or else they appear as ur own. Are u making pokemon for Black and White?
  19. God, I'm sorry. I only uploaded one version of the code. Activates using L+R Here is black first : Now White:
  20. I don't know whats wrong with it. I have tested and used the code numerous times. Hmm, maybe the code is only for AR and not ARDSi. I'll check around and get back to u. To make ur own Victini, u will need Trainer ID and SID above all else. To get ur secret ID, use this code and check ur trainer card. Flip it over and it will show u numbers. Write that down or remember it. Then check one of ur pokemon, if the Id number on the pokemon is different from the number u have written down then that number that u wrote down is ur secret id. U will need this number again if requesting pokemon or making ur own. Note: Everytime u restart ur game, ur SID will change so use the code again to find it Here is the code (Hold L before going into ur Trainer card. Then let go once it opens and flip the card). This code is tried and tested by me. Credits to original makers I already made this victini in the pokemon request section. It isn't a wondercard one yet, its just the normal movie victini in the box. I'll work on a wondercard and get back to u when I make it.
  21. Hi, I made a code for the Movie Victini, but u don't get it through the Man in the Pokemon centre. The one I made appears in the box so u don't get it's wondercard. I've posted the code below. It will work for both Black and White. It appears in box 18, slot 1. Press L+R. I will make a wondercard one soon.
  22. Those pokemon are illegal. I don't know if they will even work in ur game....it could crash it since Zekrom can't be legally shiny and have Wonderguard...I'll make the pkmn files and some can try it for u. I take no responsibility if it destroys the save file EDIT: Here are the files u wanted. Someone can trade u if they want to. Made using Pokesav. Oh and just so u know....I use a dial up connection so thats how I access the internet. Only problem is that I can't access Wi-Fi with it. Zekrom.pkm Spiritomb.pkm
  23. Gr8trainer

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    Kk, I understand. Here are the pkmn files for them. They were made using Pokesav not Pokegen. They all have my Trainer stats, but u can edit them if u want. Note: They won't open in Pokegen, u will have to download Pokesav from GBAtemp to open them. They should be legal, I haven't given them any EV's. Vaporeon.pkm Leafeon.pkm Jolteon.pkm Umbreon.pkm Espeon.pkm Flareon.pkm Glaceon.pkm
  24. Gr8trainer

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    Pokemon requests go into the Pokemon Request thread. Also, u will need to give more information on the pokemon. Do u want a code or the pkm files or Wifi trade...What? U need to be more specific when asking for Pokemon. There is a very simple form that u need to fill out when requesting some. Doing so will allow the makers to fulfill the request quickly and efficiently.
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