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  1. Krumweede

    PKM concept

    Back before the physical/special move splits I loved that certain pokemon could have all types of moves. Ampharos being one, but after the split his Thunderpunch lost some of its luster. Could I using a .PKM to make an Ampharos (for my own pleasure only) that had the stats of say Zebrastike or Electivire? I'm still going through my Soulsilver game so it wouldnt be 100 (lvl 30), but if I edit the stats and maxed EVs then it should still grow like a Zebrastike or Electivire or would it grow like Ampharos? Would I be able to put it into the PC or would the stats reset to normal? Thanks.
  2. This is brilliant guys, absolutely ingenious. Looking at the OP Gen 1-4 are still in the works?
  3. I have a request for a Totodile to replace my starter at the beginning of the game. I just want to save time from EV and IV training/breeding and movesets. Everything can naturally occur in the game so I'd like it to still be able to go on wifi. The game is SoulSilver and the AR Code is all I need. Thanks.
  4. WORKED!!! Thanks so much, sorry for such a delay had some RL issues.
  5. When I open those files values are definitely wrong/blank. I feel dumb asking, but is there a method or program to view/save them I'm missing? I'm just left-clicking them, then opening them with Pokegen using Chrome. By no means am I saying you entered them wrong, I think the values are getting distorted in the exchange.
  6. I've scowered the files for the cause, but I can't seem to find it. I've double checked moves,abilities, creation versions, and locations. I've uploaded 1-2 from each generation, can someone help me pinpoint the errors? [ATTACH]8190[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]8191[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]8192[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]8193[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]8194[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]8197[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]8199[/ATTACH]
  7. I tried to go on random with some of these and I was denied, I'm prob just overlooking something simple. I created them using Pokesav, but then used Poke Transfer to make them Gen V ready since it'd look weird if I had the Pokemon but, not in my Pokedex. (Yes, I know Mew is banned, but I figure it'd be more data to find the anamoly) They have all been in and out of my PC multiple time. Thanks. *Edit* Added Mienfoo Torchic_Transfered.pkm Dragonite_Transfered.pkm Flareon_Transfered.pkm Mew2_Transfered.pkm LucarioA_Transfered.pkm Mienfoo.pkm
  8. Krumweede

    Poké Transfer

    In all the pokemon I've created/transferred it was just a cookie cutter method and some worked some didn't. I've been getting pokemon met at lv. 105 after using transfer. Before - After - Also getting boxes in the OT. Before - After- Edit* Added another issue I came across. LucarioA.pkm LucarioA_Transfered.pkm Groudon.pkm Groudon_Transfered.pkm
  9. In B/W are all encounters set to "Egg/Pal Park/Event/Honey Tree/Shaymin"? Even Victini, Starters, Zekrom, and the Musketeers?
  10. Krumweede

    Poké Transfer

    Just to make sure, I used this and double checked the values in pokegen and under pokemon nickname "MEWTWO\FFFF\0000\0000\0000\FFFF" was shown and under OT "Kyle\FFFF\0000\0000\FFFF" was shown is this normal?
  11. I found my SID so solved that problem, however on pokemon like Starters,Victini, Zekrom, and the "Three Musketeers" are the "Encounter"s still "Egg/Pal Park/Event/Honey tree/Shaymin"?
  12. How do I find out my SID? I have traded pokemon, that don't say "Apparently Met". Why's that? Or would setting my AR pokemon met location to something like GTS or Wireless trade be a quick fix too? (IDK if those are options I'm not in front of my home comp atm)
  13. Gen 2 - Ampharos for sure. Getting mareep ASAP in G/S then boxing my starter using Ampharos/Flaffy/Mareep for the one Pokemon challenge. Thunderpunching my way through the Elite 4 and over Red. Then to have it broken with the next generation of Physical and Special moves instead of elements being the factor. Totally trashed my Thunderpunch machine. =( Gen 3 - Blaziken, my savior in Ruby/Sapphire, learning about EVs and IV's, discovering Earthquake was uber destructive. Developing first move set, Blaze Kick, Sky Uppercut, Earthquake, Strength (WTF?! in retro) Gen 4 - Empoleon, the cute surfin
  14. Secret ID is blank. Yes for Black White, howver I have made some for Diamond, but plan on transfering them in, will that fix any issues or will I have the same?
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