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  1. I suggest you use crossover instead of wine. with crossover i was able to get pkhex working well.
  2. yes next week it takes time with the program a couple of days of waiting won't hurt
  3. @pkman99how did you get it to work on Mac cause I had to redownload mines several times but couldn't get auto level mod in it
  4. Hey does anybody know how to run pkhex with auto legal mod on Mac, I try to uninstall then reinstall several times but the option for auto Mod isn’t there.
  5. so I have macOS Catalina 10.15.6, what else can I do in order to install and use PKHex on MacBook Air (2018)
  6. does anybody know how to install and use PkHeX on MacBook
  7. does anybody know how to install PKhex on MacBook (2019)
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