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  1. Hello there! I haven't checked this new topic (too long), and I would like to know if there's a Gym Leader Rematch code (saffron dojo - SoulSilver). Thanks
  2. Oh... Yeah I think that's the one. I thought that ribbon was for the elite 4, not for red Thank you very much
  3. Hi guys! Does anyone know which are 44h-45h for the Day Care Couple in HG/SS? And, by the way, what about 86h for hatched pokèmons? Should it be 04 (Pokèball)? And 85h is 00, isn't it?
  4. Hi there! I recently got involved in pokèSAVing for HG/SS! I think I've understood a good part of it, but there's still something I can't figure out... The ribbons. I've tried to use the Johto Champ Ribbon but it's signed as the SINNOH Champ Ribbon. So, how can I put a JohtoChampRibbon on a pokèSAVed pokèmon? I admit I haven't tried hard enough, but I still don't know how they exaclty work! Thanks in advance!
  5. Practically, around 06xxxx or 07xxxx (depends on versions and regions, e.g. on Platinum US it is in 07xxxx) There is a succession of 6 values which works like this: 08(Hex)---[jump of 22 spaces]--->40(Hex)---[jump of 22 spaces]--->80(Hex)---[jump of 22 spaces]--->08(Hex)---[jump of 22 spaces]--->40(Hex)---[jump of 22 spaces]--->80(Hex) When you see this succession you code the 6 values like this: 1206xxxx 000201F (obviously, the accurate address in which there is one of the 6 aforementioned values) And here it is! I'm sorry, I absolutely don't know the correct names of all things and I can't explain which values are effectively changed and how I've managed to discover this through the Platinum US code posted by Baka_Kyuubi (if I'm correct). Hope I explained this decently EDIT: Strange... Are you using HG or SS?
  6. EDIT: Correct at 90% of probabilities Max IVs on Wild Pokèmon (US) Try it and then tell me if it works
  7. Max IVs on Wild Pokèmon for Japanese HG/SS. Tested and it should work! Max IVs on Wild Pokèmon (JP)
  8. I'm sorry, this is the last bump. I've found the code. By myself. I'll write it down for you, although I don't think it will be of much use for you Pokèmon Platino (IT) Max IVs 12073FE4 0000201F 12073FFA 0000201F 12074010 0000201F 12074026 0000201F 1207403C 0000201F 12074052 0000201F
  9. Sorry for the bump, but I really need this code and after more than a week I've received no response.
  10. Hi guys! I'm Bledan, new here (and probably this is not the section for introducing myself) and hope I'll enjoy this forum! I'll start by asking if there's a way to convert the Max IV code for Platinum (U) to Platinum (IT), or at least helping me understand which values I should change for making it work (by the way, US code in IT version freezes game when wild appears). Thanks in advance
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