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  1. This is about Pokémon data that the game records during the course of the main storyline, which is then displayed during the credits. It stores the Encryption Constant (EC) followed by data which consists of their National Dex number, gender, form, and Shinyness. Defeated Poochyena on Route 101: 0x1EAF8-0x1EAFB = Pokémon EC 0x1EAFC-0x1EAFE = Pokémon Data Defeated Rival on Route 103: 0x1EB00-0x1EB03 = Pokémon EC 0x1EB04-0x1EB06 = Pokémon Data 0x1EB08-0x1EB0B = Rival's Pokémon EC 0x1EB0C-0x1EB0E = Rival's Pokémon Data First Slot When Wally Caught Ralts: 0x1EB10-0x1EB13 = Pokémon EC 0x1EB14-0x1EB16 = Pokémon Data Defeated Roxanne's Nosepass: 0x1EB20-0x1EB23 = Pokémon EC 0x1EB24-0x1EB26 = Pokémon Data Defeated Brawly's Makuhita: 0x1EB28-0x1EB2B = Pokémon EC 0x1EB2C-0x1EB2E = Pokémon Data First Slot When Met Steven In Granite Cave: 0x1EB30-0x1EB33 = Pokémon EC 0x1EB34-0x1EB36 = Pokémon Data Defeated Wattson's Magneton: 0x1EB38-0x1EB3B = Pokémon EC 0x1EB3C-0x1EB3E = Pokémon Data First Slot When Met Rival On Route 112: 0x1EB40-0x1EB43 = Pokémon EC 0x1EB44-0x1EB46 = Pokémon Data Defeated Maxie's Camerupt/Archie's Sharpedo: 0x1EB48-0x1EB4B = Pokémon EC 0x1EB4C-0x1EB4E = Pokémon Data Defeated Flannery's Torkoal: 0x1EB58-0x1EB5B = Pokémon EC 0x1EB5C-0x1EB5E = Pokémon Data Defeated Norman's Slaking: 0x1EB60-0x1EB63 = Pokémon EC 0x1EB64-0x1EB66 = Pokémon Data Defeated Winona's Altaria: 0x1EB78-0x1EB7B = Pokémon EC 0x1EB7C-0x1EB7E = Pokémon Data First Slot When First Entered Team Magma/Aqua Hideout: 0x1EB80-0x1EB83 = Pokémon EC 0x1EB84-0x1EB86 = Pokémon Data Pokémon No. 1 When Defeated Liza & Tate: 0x1EB88-0x1EB8B = Pokémon EC 0x1EB8C-0x1EB8E = Pokémon Data Pokémon No. 2 When Defeated Liza & Tate: 0x1EB90-0x1EB93 = Pokémon EC 0x1EB94-0x1EB96 = Pokémon Data Defeated Primal Groudon/Kyogre 0x1EBA0-0x1EBA3 = Pokémon EC 0x1EBA4-0x1EBA6 = Pokémon Data Defeated Wallace's Milotic: 0x1EBB0-0x1EBB3 = Pokémon EC 0x1EBB4-0x1EBB6 = Pokémon Data Defeated Wally's Gallade: 0x1EBB8-0x1EBBB = Pokémon EC 0x1EBBC-0x1EBBE = Pokémon Data Defeated Steven's Metagross: 0x1EBC0-0x1EBC3 = Pokémon EC 0x1EBC4-0x1EBC6 = Pokémon Data Some things to know: -The Pokémon recorded during Wally's Ralts capture is not presented during the credits. -Keep in mind that while the game can record battle-only forms such as Megas or Primal Reversions for non-battle scenarios, it's not legitimately possible. They also aren't recorded for Liza & Tate's battle. -The Rival's starter has the following ECs as shown in a hex editor: May's Treecko has 758F1C89 May's Torchic has D0362CCE May's Mudkip has E652A959 Brendan's Treecko has 43361FC1 Brendan's Torchic has 56CA68C2 Brendan's Mudkip has 9ECCFBC8
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